I saved a lot of money without switching to GEICO...Harris Teeter Triples Pt. 2

Hello, Hello!  Okay here is my second trip to the week long Harris Teeter Triple Coupon sale. Qty  Item                         Cost - VIC      Q                  3x         Final Price     Total 2    Betty Crocker Frosting      1.99          .50               1.50          .49             .98 ...more

I saved a lot of money without switching to GEICO...Harris Teeter Triples Pt. 1

Hello Hello! As many of you already know Harris Teeter is having triple coupons for the entire week! That is so exciting to me because it may mark the beginning of something constant. Who knows? The sale is not over until Tuesday so you still have time to go and take advantage of some good deals. Well I have taken 3 trips to Harris Teeter and in those three trips I have spent $53.30 for $221.30 worth of groceries. That is a savings of $168! I am going to break this into 3 posts so you can see what I did in each trip. With that being said, here we go! ...more

No More Eggs and Bread

It felt like a funeral. A local grocery store that has been around for several decades is closing next week -- yet another victim of the shattered economy. Now its employees must scramble to try to find other jobs. Meanwhile, a few shoppers are stopping in to wheel their carts around one more time and take advantage of closeout-sale prices of the few items left on the shelves.  ...more

This is really sad news.  You're right about nothing being safe or guaranteed.  It is a ...more


ON FRIDAY, as Phoebe and I entered the grocery store, my cell phone rang.  It was my agent. He told me that a casting director was inquiring as to whether or not I'd like to come in and audition for the role of an "OLDER" prostitute for a sketch show. ...more

Flyers that cost $200 a year

Ummm... wow. ...more

Hot Fashion Trend Alert for Women

TREND: Women wearing their PJs (pajamas) to the store. THE RULES: You may NOT wear baby dolls, gowns or house coats…that is tacky and what mama would wear. It must be a shirt or hoodie with PJ bottoms and slippers!!!! My dear friends came to visit from another state last month. She could hardly believe I was serious about this latest trend UNTIL she got back to her state walked into the store and first thing she saw was….yep. We laughed for 2 solid minutes when she called on her cell. ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: I found love on Aisle 9

You are in the grocery store buying a stack of hot pockets to enjoy on your dinners alone in your stuffy apartment when suddenly you crash into someone else’s cart. Embarrassed, you consider running in the opposite direction and fleeing from the store. You decide to sneak a glance at the unlucky party. To your surprise, the carts magically part and everything besides you and this other person fades away in the distance. Read the rest of this entry >> ...more