Grocery Grins

 Who knew my grocery tears would turn into grocery grins?! I’m grinning because today, I officially became a published author! Whoo-hooo!My article, Grocery Tears, has been published over here at:...more

Extreme Couponing at the Gas Pump

Excuse me while I whine about living in Chicagoland. Again. I know you're as tired of hearing me whine about this as I am of living here, but I just can't help it. Grocery stores all over the country are offering great savings at the gas pump for those who use store loyalty cards, all extreme couponers use store loyalty cards, and of course there's not a single store near me that is offering these savings. And gas prices in Chicagloand are high -- the highest in the country. ...more

I mean really annoying. You should complain!

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Food for Thought: Food-Borne Illnesses, Contaminants & Recalls

Gambling at the Grocery Store As I sit down to write this post, I have just returned from doing our weekly grocery shopping at Super Target...more

Can Online Grocery Shopping Become The Comeback Kid ?

Sometimes being the biggest loser is not a good thing. Such is the case of Webvan, an online grocery store that was the biggest loser in the dot-com bust. When all those venture capitalists were pouring money into Webvan - a total of $441 million before the company declared bankruptcy in 2001 - the general consensus was: online grocery shopping was a no-brainer. ...more

One thing that's always bothered me about the idea of online shopping is the thought of ...more

How to Spice Up Your Grocery Shopping (With Your Man)

Whenever there’s an article in a prominent news source (by which I mean Us Weekly) about celebrities “partying” too much, I never understand what it means. And perhaps, now that I think about it, this is all a function of how unspeakably lame I’ve become in recent years. Exhibit A: We spent the weekend at my parents’ house, and given the gift of free babysitting on Saturday night (thanks, Mom and Dad!), we took the opportunity to…go food shopping. And now I invite you to SUPERMARKET SWEEPS. ...more

Organic Batter the little farm picture on the can, too! It's gotta be ...more

Foodie shopping destinations during BlogHer Food 2009

If you’re traveling to San Francisco for BlogHer Food 2009, you might want to leave a little extra room in your suitcase. Not only is this a city of great eating and drinking, this is a terrific city for culinary shopping and tourism. ...more

Gudrun, some of these places were totally new to me, too, and yeah...there are some field ...more