13 Surefire Ways to Survive Grocery Shopping With Your Kids

As a mom of two super active and busy toddlers, the thought of taking them to the market sounds just as good as drilling into my tooth. Envisioning myself navigating through the dizzying aisles as one screams for a $10 Mickey balloon while the other slips out of her cart buckle like Hoodini for the eighth time in five minutes, is enough to make me want to take a nap and hide from the reality that is my day....more

This mom doesn’t want your advice. Do I?

Here is a hard truth about myself, based on 44 1/2 years of experience: I don’t like unsolicited advice. I ask for advice and/or opinions on a regular basis. But the reality is that I don’t generally like when someone just freely offers their opinions on how something should/could/would be done. I admit it. I like to be my own advocate....more
chelseanenno I think what wounds me is the idea that they are learning at such an early age that ...more

Tantrums & Grief in the Grocery: More Than Meets the Eye

I don't realize my son is tense, bothered, quiet. I don't realize it until later, after the urge to strangle him had subsided. One of the special racks, at the end of the fourth or fifth aisle, is stacked with boxes of muesli bars. "Can we get some of these please Mum?" I barely even glance at him. "We can, but not from here. When we get around to where they usually are, where there's lots of them to choose from, we'll get them then." Those of you who spend time in the company of small children know how this next bit goes. Small child begins to whinge, their drawn out pleas often mixed with exaggerated sobs in the back of their throat. ...more
Your well written thought provoking post brought back memories of my son and his tantrums ...more

The #1 Sign You Are a Mother of Several Very Young Children

Okay, maybe it's not the #1 sign, but it's up there.  If you've ever experienced this, you know what I mean:You feel slight anxiety pulling into the parking lot of your grocery store/Target/Walmart, etc.  You drive around stalking for just the right parking spot, hoping and praying that you can find it.  You start to sweat a bit when you think you might not see it.  You're trying to plan what in the world you will do if you don't...  And then - Hallelujah!  You see it, and feels a little bit like a miracle....more
 @JennaHatfield Yes!  I once recommended to the guy collecting the carts to take them back into ...more

Grocery Shopping with the Stars!

It was time to go grocery shopping because dinner last night was "Hooray!  Baby corn and pancakes!  Does anyone want a side of Laughing Cow?"  I created my list (which was very long because it had been a while since I did a big shopping trip) packed the girls into the car and headed off.  My husband suggested I try a grocery store chain that is located near us but we have never gone to.  They always send out a beautiful circular that advertises great sales.  Typically I shop at Trader Joe's - they have fun, healthy food and it's really reasonably priced.  ...more