Why Shouldn't I Let My Leg Hair Grow in the Winter?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Do women still need to shave their legs in the winter months? I say they don't, but my friends all insist that I'm wrong and that I need to use a razor to stay smooth and feel sexy and attractive. Personally, I don't see the point, because I usually wear long pants and boots and it's not like I'm married or even have a boyfriend. What do you think? Hair or no hair?Signed,Princess Hairy...more
AskingAmy Really?!? I guess that goes into the "something for everybody"category.more

June Twilight

It has been a good day.Zush got her summer haircut, which is making her comfortable. We got some really good walks in.Our neighbors invited us to a “man cave/pool” warming.Now we are kicked back and everyone is relaxing.We had a beautiful late day sun down on the bay, making us appreciate the distance from the city even more, and now, with the windows open, a beautiful breeze is sailing through the house.Here’s hoping your day was that good!...more

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Nails

Getting your nails done can cost you a fortune, but if you take our tips into consideration, you might be able to save yourself a couple of trips to the nail salon. It should feel like a luxury to go to the salon, not a chore eating away at your wallet. Materials You’ll Need: -Nail Polish Remover-Nail Clipper-Nail Filer-Cotton Balls-Lemon Juice-Bowl of sudsy water-Washcloth-Lotion ...more

They Love It, Even if You Do a Lousy Job.


Treat Those Feet (for my sake)

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. Warmer weather is upon us (well, unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere...or Seattle) and it's about the time that we begin to expose the toes. Yes, my friends, we're coming around to sandal and flip-flop weather. I know I get a just a little excited when I pull out all of my cute sandals, flip-flops and open-toed shoes out of their winter storage. I just can't WAIT to wear them again....more

my feet but am prone to blisters. A blister. So, what's a girl to do? But when they do get icky ...more

Slip slidin' away

When I first met Doug he had a perm. Now of course I didn’t realize that the night we met. All I knew was that he had curly hair. That next morning after our shower I watched with great interest as he stood there with a pick, arranging his curls for at least 10 minutes. I was fascinated. (By the time I met Doug I had surrendered to the will of my hair. It was just wash and go for me.)  So watching a guy fiddle with his hair I found really interesting. For me, it was like watching National Geographic....more

DIY Brows: Perfectly Groomed, At Home

Beautiful brows are key to a pretty face, and they make a huge impact on your look with relatively little effort. Unlike bangs or make-up, once you've groomed your brows they're done for days and even weeks at a time -- there's no need to wake up early in the morning to style them. When your brows are neat, you look put together even if you're not wearing a lick a of make-up....more
Loving this post! I'm slightly obsessed with getting my brows perfect and Ive had such bad ...more

Let's Talk About the Hair "Down There"

Women have many options in the, um, "private" grooming department - from a full-out wax to doing nothing and everything in between. The mere act of grooming “down there” is controversial to some - but this post isn’t about the societal implications of your grooming choices. I see it this way: Some women pierce and tattoo their bodies and others like to keep their skin intact. Just like a having a tattoo doesn’t automatically make you a badass (hate to break it to some of you), getting a brazilian wax doesn’t make you an accessory to the pornification of America. ...more

I'm sure that there are grandmothers who will always be bare-down-there and teens who choose ...more

Should everyone who wants a dog go out and get one?

Should everyone who wants a dog go out and get one? This is an important question with BIG implications for prospective dog owners and more importantly for the dogs who need adopting. I am a fan of dog ownership but a fanatic when it comes to dog ownership through adoption from public shelters or private rescue organizations. Making the decision about where to get your dog will come after evaluating realistically ...more