Boring To Amazing

Since cutting out some of the unhealthy foods I eat, I've fallen into a rut of cooking the same foods often. A friend inspired me to spice up my regular old spaghetti that's exactly what I did!...more

Guide to Ground Beef: Selecting, Freezing & 5 Go-To Recipes

Ground beef is one of the most versatile go-to staples in a Midwest Kansas kitchen. It provides 10 essential nutrients your body needs like zinc, iron, protein and B vitamins. Because it is affordable and easy to prepare, it’s often the base for many casseroles, soups and appetizers. In a busy household, these types of dishes find their way to the table fairly often, so I’m always on the look-out for a new twist!...more

Recipe Monday - Salisbury Steak

Delicious salisbury steaks in less than 30 minutes!  RECIPE:...more


Brazilian Pancakes (Panqueca de Carne Moida)

Wednesday I was in the kitchen, doing what I do, when hubby comes in and asks me what´s for lunch. Remember, gringos, Brazilian lunch is the real deal. Dinner is negotiable (and usually occurs around 10pm if hubby were to have his way)....more
Bettorsa Kinetograph lilginger864 This one:

MY Groundbeef Wellington


On Stretching Meat (and Double Entendres)

Sexual innuendo aside (in your endo), these are tough times. Remember when you couldn't afford steak so you turned to the cheaper alternative, ground beef? Now ground beef is easily $3.69 a pound, same as a gallon of gas and a gallon of milk. Since the cost of living has doubled, are you making double the salary you were at the beginning of the year? Neither am I. So, stretch we must. Let me reintroduce you to a little technique you might have learned if Home Ec had bothered to teach anything useful about home economics. How to make meatballs....more
I make a lot of meatballs..Love them..Love that I can use what is onsale to make them.  Turkey, ...more

Ground Beef Recall Expands Across U.S.

A massive ground beef recall of products packed by National Beef Packing Co., LLC in Dodge City, Kan. expanded to stores in nearly 30 states today. The recall, which affects approximately 60,424 pounds of ground beef, was first announced on August 12. ...more
This makes me so happy that I buy meat at the local farmers market and have never stepped foot ...more

Bunless Burgers with Eggs on Horseback -- French & English Recipes

Today's recipe is famously Parisian. You can probably find this on the menu of any sidewalk cafe. The French don't eat eggs at breakfast like we're used to doing. They elevate the humble egg to lunch and dinner and serve it in ingenious ways. For me, a crazy egg lover, this makes perfect sense. I look for any opportunity to try a new egg recipe. Remember the Parisian oeuf en croute?...more

Lentil Mince

The recipe I’m sharing today is a pretty health-friendly one (dietician approved). It’s a variation of my bolognaise sauce mince (ground beef) I make. It works really well served with brown or wild rice. Full recipe here ...more