My Groupon Account Got Hacked and Here's What Happened When I Tried to Do Something About It

Like most people I had a Groupon account. I used it maybe three times a year [though I get e-mails from them three times a day] and aside from one minor hack years ago, I had no complaints. Last week, after an evening out, K and I came back to our hotel and I flipped open my cell phone and saw yet another e-mail from Groupon. This time, the subject header -- purchase confirmation -- got my attention. ...more
I am going to start using my Blue Bird card for all online transactions.I will funnel just ...more

Sale Alert: Groupon for Sephora eGift Card

Announcement of Groupon for Sephora eGift Card. Click for details. Act fast, till August 31...more

Are Daily Deals a Dying Breed?

Social Media Examiner’s 2012 Social Media Report was released a few days ago and I was finally able to sit down and digest it. There were a lot of interesting results that I will be happy to talk about at another time but one thing in particular jumped out at me and has me thinking.It has to do with the result below:...more
Everything is  a gamble that's why before we dive into this hype, it's very important to ...more

Two or Four AMC Silver Experience Movie Tickets by Mail from AMC Theatres (Up to Half Off)

Two or Four AMC Silver Experience Movie Tickets by Mail from AMC Theatres (Up to Half Off) with today's ...more

This Picture Just Kills Me

Every morning I get an email from Groupon, announcing its latest deals. Inevitably, I find myself wondering how they select the images that will go along with the offer. Sometimes, it's clearly an image of the restaurant or business being advertised. Often, though, it's very obviously a stock photo. It's those instances that really make me wonder--does Groupon have a photo editor (or several) who select these pictures? Or are companies asked to supply images when they liaise with Groupon?...more

Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

A pretty major ordeal knocked me off my game for a minute, but I’m back now. Just barely, but I am back. Leggo.1) Who decided that the dime would be worth more than the nickel? If I had more time on my hands, I’d craft an argument about how this makes no sense and confuses little kids all across the nation trying to learn about money for the first time and understand why the bigger coin is worth half as much as the smaller one. But I don’t have that kind of time....more
@victorias_view Right! Thanks for understanding ;)more

First Date Groupon: Frugal genius or extreme cheapskate?

[image via Jay I Kemp]...more

Increase Engagement with Facebook’s New Send Button and Deals

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discusses how Facebook's new Send button and Deals program can help your business. ...more

Save Yourself: Follow the Rules of Buying from the Flash Sale Mob

In order to write about and report on sites like Gilt Groupe and Groupon, we need to cruise them and it's tricky-hard to mind your dollars and sense while spending hours immersed in checking out seductive goodies. Inevitably, this leads to the 'oy, what was I thinking' brand of buyer's remorse. While we have an excuse -- hey, it's an occupational hazard -- we're sharing our rules (and transgressions) so you don't get into hurry-hurry-click-and-buy-it trouble. ...more