Recap: How to Succeed at Self-Employment

It's been a few months since we jumped in our virtual car and started the journey on the Roadmap to Self-Employment. Being an entrepreneur is an ever-changing adventure and yet the fundamentals always remain the same. By following these 9 steps you'll be on your way to a strong foundation as you start and grow your business. ...more
I enjoyed reading these articles.  I am in the process of making this plunge and your advice has ...more

Five Tips for Successfully Turning Your Passion into a Business

Passion is often an important element in steering women toward opening their own enterprises.  A woman who loves making jewelry, dreams about taking it from a hobby to a business; a brilliant cook wants to open a catering firm.  While zeal is a terrific indicator of what we will do well, as solopreneurs and small business owners, it is easy to let our enthusiasm focus us in the wrong direction—toward what we want to give rather than what the market wants and needs to get.  So how can we turn our passions into businesses that succeed? ...more