Cutting the cord - one snip at a time

I'm watching the back of my son as he rides away from me. I can see him wobble a little on his bike, but the training wheels take up the slack. He starts to turn the corner and he suddenly looks very little to me. He picks up speed, as he heads down the block. He races by the fence, and is now out of my eyesight....more

Rest in Peace, Conner Carpool

Chuck has always enjoyed taking the kids to school in the mornings, so you and I bonded every afternoon for 15 years. In the beginning, you shepherded the girls at Girard Elementary, while the little brother typically napped in his car seat. Then, the school zones changed, and I visited with you at Landmark Elementary and later at Montana Street, in the line that made the entire square around the block. I would work on my weekly Bible study lessons while waiting with you....more

Seeking Independence

This past year has been a real growing year for my oldest son and his path to independence.  It started with allowing him to ride his bike to the library (the next street over) and grew to walking home from school one day a week with our neighbors.  It’s been a learning curve for the both of us.  I’ve had to have internal arguments with myself and remind myself not to hover like a helicopter....more

Taking the Training Wheels Off

On Mothers Day, I had an epiphany. In five years, my oldest daughter probably won't be sharing this day with me. Because she will be away at college. And it hit me like a thud right where my heart and stomach meet. ...more

Letting Go: Do You Want Me to Hold Your Hand?

She’s older this year, a completely new person really. It’s amazing the difference six months makes in one so young. Last year I had to help her with everything, and this year she wants to do things on her own. In the weeks since the snow has melted and we’ve been able to use the play set, she’s mastered the ladder steps. After the first couple of trips up, I realized I could step back, remove my hand from her back, even be across the yard, and she could make it to the top on her own. ...more
wlee222 And thank YOU for the reminder that just because my kids are growing doesn't mean this ...more

They Told Me This Would Happen

I am sitting in a state of shock.  I'm not quite sure how this happened so suddenly.As of today I have a teenager.(Sob)...more

What Would I Tell My Younger Self?

As I was trying to figure out what to write about today, I watched interviews and talks given by successful dyslexics. A question that kept coming up was, "What would you tell your younger self?" That's a good one, now that I think about it. What would I tell my younger self? I think the answer to that question changes as we grow and develop as people, but I think I'd tell myself three things....more

A Grown-Ups Look Into Dr. Seuss

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Dr. Seuss Art[/url] by [url=]mrsdkrebs[/url], on Flickr...more

Another Chapter to Face...Him Growing Up, Not Me!

Another Chapter to Face...Growing Up, Him Not Me!Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.  ~Molière...more

Big Girl Changes

Big things have been happening around here this weekend!  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you probably saw this picture that I posted:...more