What I'm Learning In My 20's

Growing up is a scary thing. You go through some serious things and you start learning more about yourself than you even thought there was to yourself. I’ve only been in my 20’s for two years and it has been quite a time. I’ve gotten myself into poor situations, and gotten myself out of even worse. I’ve done things I wasn’t proud of, and I’ve done things I’ve never been prouder of. I’ve learned so much more about me as a person and even the world around me. And I still have so much more ahead....more

12 Perks of Growing Up in a Small Town

One thing that many people don’t know about me, and might not guess, is that I grew up in a small town. Like, really small. The population of the tiny town in Wisconsin where I grew up is approximately 1,000. That’s right. 1,000 people. Though I was born in Milwaukee, I spent ages 5-18 in this crazy small town....more

One More Chat, Mama

The bedtime routine is nearing its end. I can see the finish line! I can see my glass of wine, waiting for me in the kitchen down below.I lean in for the last kiss and wait for it. I know it’s coming, as it does almost every night.“One more chat, Mama?”It’s what my almost three-year-old asks of me nightly....more

Avoiding everything that is cool

When you become a parent, you are instantly not cool anymore. It doesn't matter what type of diaper bag, high-tech stroller or lifestyle you still try to maintain: You have oatmeal in your hair and you are carrying around the tools needed to clean up someone else's poop. (Please stop deluding yourself - you just aren't cool now.) ...more

I Was Born in a Small Town...

Some of my very first memories of what it meant to live in a small town  were my desperate dreams to escape it. I remember feeling so caged in  that at times I could barely breathe. ...more

This High To Ride The Ride

“When you set high standards in your life and stick to them, there will be people who fall away. Let them.”Remember when you were a little kid and you couldn’t wait to ride the roller coaster? But first you had to get past that little wooden man with a ruler. You had to be a certain height to safely ride the ride....more

Dear Diary: A Few Hours Later

Dear Diary:...more

Growing Up

My daughter made me a grandmother today. (No, not really she’s only 4!) But she sat her father and me down and put on a story for us. She detailed how she met a boy named Manny Doso (imaginary) with white eyes and black skin. She proclaimed he was her one true love and they were getting married. She gave him a kiss and instantly they became husband and wife. A second later my daughter grabs a little doll; puts her behind her back as she juts her tummy out. “What are you doing?” I asked her. “I am having a baby because we’re married”....more

Handling Your Family As a Misfit Adult

By the time we arrive at our mid-twenties, we’re either independent or almost there, and relationships with families are settling into a pattern. For some twenty-somethings, they’ve managed to hammer through any teenage drama and emerge on the other side with a healthy family relationship. But for some of us, the drama and passive-aggressive communication continues, which, if you’re a like me, you’d rather turn your back on....more