30 Things I Learned Before My 30th Birthday


On Leaving Home

We are the generation that goes home again. It’s happened to many of us; after college we go back home while we search for the perfect job, the perfect haircut, or ourselves, but before we come home again we must first leave.In the search for independence we leave home, either when we move to a dorm or apartment in our hometown or another state to get “the college experience,” or maybe even leaving the country for a semester abroad. No matter how far we move or travel we learn to adjust without mom’s cooking and taking care of ourselves, but somehow it always seems temporary....more

I'm An Adult and Don't Know How to Do These Adult-y Things

I’m 32 years old now, and even though I often don’t feel like an adult, I’m pretty sure my age confirms that I am one.  Sureeee, sometimes I act like a grown-up and show signs of growth and maturity, but I’m often reminded that I haven’t ventured into full-blown adulthood yet....more
TheBudgetBrainiac haha totally; NONE of the things on my list are fun at all.more

10 Lame Things That Are Awesome Now That I Am An Adult

Next month I will be 26, and over the past few years I have changed. I would say I have matured; I have become responsible, professional and reached a bit of success career-wise. ...more
All true. You can't have too much wine -- but you'll realize that as you get older! Fun read.more

What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

When we are small, we all have dreams of what we want to be when we grew up. Some aspire to be firefighters, or police officers. Others hope to study to become doctors or lawyers. Others want to work with animals. And as we grow, some of our aspirations may  changed as we were exposed to different things through sports, school, our friends and family. Some know exactly what they want for a career and stick to it....more

Adulthood - it's a trap!!

I'm not going to lie, when I saw today's Daily Prompt I thought of the Rugrats show, oh childhood.The first time I felt really grown up was when I moved away from home to go to University. Once my sister and mum had said goodbye, there was that moment of me being in my room alone. And it finally dawned on me that this was going to be my 'home' for the next year....more

The Secret Sadness of Being Independent

I was calmly holding it together in the psychologist’s office until he asked, “Are you lonely?” Involuntarily, tears started pouring down my face and I stammered that yes, yes, I was lonely. I made the appointment to talk about how I screwed up every relationship I’d been in, but this revelation was unexpected. I did not return to find out how to fix it....more

Moments with Maisy: Maisy Day at Walt Disney World

Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop rushing around, to look away from whatever virtual screen I'm staring at, to make time to be with Maisy. In a little over two weeks my sweet little Peanut will be turning two, and I will cease to have a baby as she toddles off into the world of Big Kid-dom....more

Man Of The World

From my blog Take It EasyDay 3 of National Blog Posting Month and I'm still here! For today's post I thought I'd share with you a song that has been a favourite of mine since it was released in April 1969. That must have been a good year: Bryan Adams clearly thought so when he wrote Summer Of 69, also a favourite of mine. My song is this:Man Of The World, by Fleetwood Mac...more

You Can Be Anything You Want -- Except a Homemaker

Have you ever watched the show Wife Swap?The premise of the show is that two families switch wives for a week or two in order to see how the other family runs their household. The people that run the show obviously try to match up families that are polar opposites of each other, all in the interest of ratings and explosive confrontations. The country wife goes to the city and vice versa; the rich wife goes to the family who isn't making ends meet, atheist wife to Christian family, etc....more
Good message!!  I have had the best of all worlds - SAHM, worked full time, part time and from ...more