7 Month Evaluation

 So far, for each month of Baby's presence in our lives, we've done an evaluation. I like having these evaluations to commemorate the time we've spent with Baby thus far, record all of his accomplishments, and those that we aren't too pleased with (like Huffing , Scoffing, and general Attitudinations)....more

A Blurry Faith

A Blurry Faith I remember that crisp morning in the mountains....more

Party Over Here!

In the Caribbean, we love to ‘fete’ – more in some islands than in others. Trinidad is known as the party capital. They say that the people there can turn anything into a party. In other islands, like my own, we wait for Carnival, where lately, the all-inclusive fetes have been reigning supreme. That means an entrance fee that includes music, drinks and sometimes food, in a secure, theme-filled location....more

When and As Needed

What am I missing?

When did this happen? This morning, I called my son closer in order to correct some inappropriate behaviour, and I ended up totally amazed. At ten years old, he is almost as tall as I am with my shoes off!...more
The surprise almost made me forget what I was going to scold him about. Afterwards, I turned to ...more

Quietly Dismissed

I was dismissed from morning drop-off this week. I mean, not entirely - I still have to drive the car - but as we approached the school on Tuesday morning, my daughter said to me:"Last time, Mama just dropped me off."...more

Color Me Happy

I can divide the years of my life into colors.When I was young, before any siblings, my color was shadow gray. Dark corners and cloudy skies, hallways and bedrooms and closets with very little light. My memories are unfinished and rough around the edges, like I'm straining to see too hard inside my head. ...more

Dear Me: Your Plans Are Silly Your Goals Are Not

You may notice that many bloggers post a "Letter to My Younger Self." I have always wanted to do that, but I have so many things I want to say to myself at so many ages it is overwhelming. Then today, on The SITS Girls, the feature blogger linked to her letter. And I felt motivated....more

Without Me

I am the mother of two growing children, a fourteen-year-old and an eleven-year-old.  Up until this summer, any time that we've been separated, I have been the one to leave them.  Usually for short weekend jaunts, they've gone to grandparents' houses or friends for sleepovers, while my husband and I sneak out for some "together time."  I've left them for work, too....more

One of those days

It's been one of those days. Not a horrible day. Not a tragic day, thank you, grilled cheesus. If I were to be honest instead of whiny, I'd have to say some good things happened today. But it was still one of those days....more