Cats in the Cradle

by elizabethdamicoI know it was just yesterday that my K’s kindergarten teacher was explaining (very patiently ) that staying until after lunch did not qualify as ‘just getting her settled in’Her first grade teacher said that peeking through the outside window of her class room was not best of ideas and may be scaring the other children.The next several grades just gave up and the school allowed me to tutor there.We spent the junior high years home schooling....more

flight of the ladybug

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."~ E.E. Cummings ~She wants to dress herself, but only in pajamas.She wants to wear un-na-wear, but not sit on a potty. ...more

Dearest Mic... (a love note to my son)

December 18, 20127:15 a.m.Dearest Mic,...more

Heel Yeah!

On Saturday, I met my two of my friends for lunch.  The three of us have been friends for over ten years. One lives here, and the other was in town for a wedding, and I am SO glad she messaged me if only for lunch. I miss her so much. She's the friend who is ALWAYS hilarious, can tell a story like no other, likes to have a good time, always makes you happy when you're sad, and one of the nicest people I know....more

The Other Woman

Fathers and daughters…  People instantly picture dad waiting by the front door with his shotgun when the first boy comes over to take his little princess on a date.  You hear about how emotional it is for him to give his little girl away on her wedding day; he’s been the most important man in her life up to that point.  But what about mothers and sons?  I feel like that relationship doesn’t conjure up the same stereotypical images.  I guess because boys are perceived differently than girls – tougher, more independent – that the mother-son relationship is also percei...more


My favorite Halloween story involves a guy who wasn't a relative, playmate or boyfriend. He was Serge Garabosky....more

Co-sleeping at eight?

Today, when I was helping the boys get ready for bed, I saw this on Big A's bunkbed...........more

Big Kids

One thing I really like about our neighborhood is that there are TONS of kids.  On our street alone every house that surrounds ours has young kids, and at any given moment you’ll see a little boy or girl hustling from one yard to the next.  When we moved in I was 9 months pregnant,...more

Circle in the Sand

Yesterday, my cousin Patti Tweeted me to let me know she’d heard Belinda Carlisle’s Circle in the Sand in the grocery store and performed our childhood dance routine in the frozen pizza section....more

Saving Grace

Grace was in my life before I was. My folks and three brothers moved into the compact, brick house next to her and Mac’s sprawling white one with dark green shutters while I was still in my mom’s belly. The day I was born, Grace asked Mac to drive her to the hospital so she could meet me. She brought me tiny pink booties and a hat she’d knitted....more