Big Kids

One thing I really like about our neighborhood is that there are TONS of kids.  On our street alone every house that surrounds ours has young kids, and at any given moment you’ll see a little boy or girl hustling from one yard to the next.  When we moved in I was 9 months pregnant,...more

Circle in the Sand

Yesterday, my cousin Patti Tweeted me to let me know she’d heard Belinda Carlisle’s Circle in the Sand in the grocery store and performed our childhood dance routine in the frozen pizza section....more

Saving Grace

Grace was in my life before I was. My folks and three brothers moved into the compact, brick house next to her and Mac’s sprawling white one with dark green shutters while I was still in my mom’s belly. The day I was born, Grace asked Mac to drive her to the hospital so she could meet me. She brought me tiny pink booties and a hat she’d knitted....more

Mama's Babbles

I cant' believe that my little girl has just turned two this past weekend......more

Growing Up, the Good and the Bad

My little girls are in preschool. Both in the 'wow, they're growing up' way, and in the 'they are actually, right now, not in my house' way. Both ways are fantastic....more

Our Kitchen Counter

My boys love to sit at our kitchen bar counter.  Our house's floorplan is open, a wide space so that while sitting in one of the bar stools, you can see most of the living area from the kitchen counter.  It's great for parties and for watching the kids play while I sit and work on the day's To Do lists.  There's nothing particularly special about the counter itself, the color a soft black, flecked with grays.  But still, the counter is important....more

Toenails and Kisses

"Let me see your toes.""No!""Oh, come on. Let me just take a look. Hey, your owie is healing. It's all gone!"My six-year-old daughter has had a bad case of athlete's foot the past few weeks. Months? I'm not sure.I'd bought her some ointment, taught her to use it, and packed it in her backpack.It's so hard to keep track of these things when she's only at my house Wednesday-Friday, and every other Saturday. She's at her dad's the rest of the week.Tonight was her first night back, the Wednesday Re-Entry....more

Things I would have known if I'd had a brother

Growing up, I always hated being the youngest. I was very put upon and woebegone and no one understood me. My mother had been the oldest. My dad had been an only child. So I was forced to live the life of a young Mississippi girl who NO ONE UNDERSTOOD (as if anyone could have understood me otherwise).Above anything else, I always used to want a brother. A big brother. Sometimes I would pretend Stephanie was my big brother because she was so tall, but then she’d do something stupid like be a cheerleader or wear a bra and the illusion was shattered....more

Going Home

I was born in the Pacific Northwest.Not really. I was actually born in Texas and grew up in the Southwest: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico. But when I graduated from college I moved to Seattle —trading drought for damp and chiles for blackberries....more

Things Your Kids Should Be Able to Do by Four

Oftentimes, I live in a hellish world of lunacy where children just less than four make the rules. And this seems totally reasonable. Why? Well, they're the only people I see all day, so suddenly playing markers in nothing but underwear and throwing cereal on the floor when we're pissed seem like reasonable things to do. Okay, those are exaggerations, but the point is, don't be fooled. They're wrong. Your kids are wrong. They simply don't know what they're talking about, and they don't know what's good for them. It's true. ...more