Making Friends is Hard Work

Imagine a child sitting alone on the edge of the playground, looking on as other children run around, giggling and playing football. No one invites them to join in the game, but they’re also too unsure or even anxious to get up and try to join in. Does this sound all too familiar? ...more

A Letter to My Daughter on Her First Day of Kindergarten

Dear Sophia, You made it! On Monday, you'll head into the big building with the other big kids and begin a new adventure- Kindergarten. We've been through hundreds of diaper changes, feedings, kissing and band-aiding boo-boos, learned to use the potty and have now celebrated five birthdays.You are a perfect combination of kind, sensitive, strong willed, silly, sweet, sassy, smart, caring, loving, independent, and oh so ornery. All of that is wrapped up into one brown- eyed, beautiful little lady that I couldn't be more proud of....more

2 Years = 730 Days and Counting

Baby Boy,Momma is very late in writing you this letter commemorating your 2nd birthday and entry into your 3rd year here with us. I know you likely won't remember when you're older, but Momma was sick with pregnancy of your first sibling. I had some grand, bit not over the top, plans for your birthday celebration. None of them happened. Now, even a couple months past your birthday and I still feel guilty about it....more

Reflection on Parenthood

I tend to do a lot of reflecting around the children's birthdays.  Looking at them now, they seem to have grown up loads in the short time since we've been here in France.  N's confidence is growing so much, he's settling into his new school, learning a new language - so many new things....more

Embracing Individuality and Self-Expression

The young girl depicted in Blonde Streak and Other Good Girl Stories embraced individuality and self-expression. How does anyone learn self-expression and to be the person you want to be?These are the themes I explored in these short stories of family life and growing up. One of the areas that compelled me to write this book was to explore what it is like to be honest with yourself.Having loving parents and learning the morals and values every child deserves will make a huge different in a person's life....more

Letter to my younger self

Dearest Children

Dearest Children of Mine,Today, as you read this letter, you're preparing to move out of our home. I'm sure you're giddy as you load your boxes into the trunk of our car, and I'm sure your dad and I are nervous as we check to make sure your doors lock properly....more

The Road Home

The thing about the roads we choose to go down in life...we can choose different ones at any time.I think I'm taking a detour.This year, I've been lucky enough to get re-acquainted with a few people from my far distant past. Almost 35 years past. The dreaded high school years.  Ack.No one was more surprised than me to find out how much its meant. When I left my hometown, I barely glanced in my rearview mirror. So long, suckers. ...more

16 Months

Baby Boy,...more

Baby Boy's 14 Months!!

Baby Boy,You are getting so so big. I marvel at how tall you are and at the way you move through the world. I'm constantly amazed at how interested in everything you are and how you are always trying something new. I'm impressed at your strength, problem-solving, and both the effort and joy in your accomplishments. You want to climb and play and share in all that you know and learn about all that you don't know....more