Tomato Envy

My name is Brande, and I suffer from Tomato Envy.It’s true. I wish I was a better person. I wish I could celebrate the successes of others without comparing them to my seemingly inferior accomplishments. It’s a blessing and a curse, because without a somewhat competitive spirit, I might not ever strive to be better and more....more

Eating Summer Tomatoes, NOW?

 I absolutely love tomatoes. I love growing and eating them. There is nothing that says "summer" to me more than tomato plants growing in the backyard, well, except maybe going to the beach, but that's another story. I got my love of growing tomatoes from Punch 'n Gro kits when I was a kid. They were handy little planters of vermiculite filled plastic trays. The directions explained to punch a pencil point through the plastic wells, water and turn the clear plastic top over to make a little greenhouse....more
@elaineR.N. Elaine! You are such a card! This is amazing information. I had no idea about ...more

Tomatoes Rock the Red......Mulch!

 Who would ever imagine that plants have a favorite color?Turns, out, Tomatoes do! ...more
Hey there, Julie! I haven't heard of the red mulch, but will look for it this year. We have used ...more

Making Peace with Tomatoes

I hate raw tomatoes. Always have.And I hate it that I hate tomatoes because it’s made my life so complicated. I mean, what vegan doesn’t like raw tomatoes?...more

Isn't that so difficult? How do you know when it's important to change and when it's important ...more

Make a BLT from Scratch: Are You Up to the Challenge?

From cookbook author, blogger, and reportedly all-around nice guy Michael Ruhlman comes the ultimate summer challenge for serious cooks: make a BLT sandwich from scratch. Now if you're thinking to yourself, no big deal, I make BLT sandwiches all the time, read on to see why this challenge is for truly serious cooks. ...more

I had thought about whether there would be extra points for actually grinding your own flour for ...more

It's Time To Start Thinking About Heirloom Tomatoes

Every though tomato-growing season is months away in the northern hemisphere, it's not too early to start thinking about it, especially if you're going to be planting heirloom tomatoes. Also called heritage tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes are non-hybrid varieties of open-pollinated tomatoes. The name heirloom refers to how the seeds of some tomato varieties were passed on for generations, and there's widespread agreement among tomato lovers that heirloom tomatoes are often more flavorful than hybrid varieties. ...more

The first year we had our square foot garden, TW introduced me to Mr Stripey. I was leery but ...more