My Three-Year-Old and the Ties that Bind

This morning I was frantically digging through my three-year-old’s closet to find some clean socks. In the midst of the melee, my son came across his yellow-and-blue striped clip-on tie that he wore last Easter, and he announced that was wearing it to school that day. Although I was in a rush, I stopped and helped him with it, and he was very pleased with the effect. With his school uniform and that tie, he looked very dapper indeed. “Now you look you could come to the office with mommy and sit in a cubicle,” I told him, which he took as a compliment....more
@edavis they can be ornery, but they are so, so precious :)more

Remembrance Day Salute

It is November 11th, 2010 and we honor our veterans today, paying respect to those who have died in service of our country and indeed to the world. I am proud that Canadians celebrate this national holiday to remember the great sacrifices these men and women made, while continuing to honor those who still serve in the name of peace and freedom....more