Is Time Running Out?

Actually Mummy...Tara's theme at the Photo Gallery this week is the letter T. T for Tara, T for Toys, T for Trees.... In a rare guest post here today Mummy ponders the passing of time - and realises that she has no idea where it has gone! Is time running out?...more

Growing Up Juju (part 5 in a series)

Juju was standing in the main hall of Harrison Lane Elementary with 10 boys and girls in front and about the same behind her. At the end of the hall, sat the school nurse, all 300 pounds of her at a card table....more

Growing Up Juju (Part 10 in a series)

Juju sat under the bridge and listened as her neighbor and sister convinced her that she was, in fact, adopted. Look how old our parents are, Junene said….they don’t even sleep in the same room for craps sake! Rod, their cross the street neighbor, and Junene started to weave a story that flowed as easily from their mouths as the slow stream of water at their feet. This explained everything Juju thought…she knew she was different, suddenly all the pieces were falling together in her mind!...more