Since starting to write again, I have met many people on social media that have become wonderful friends. Many of them are young mothers experiencing all the joy, laughter, tears, heartache and frustrations of trying to make their child’s world the perfect place to grow and thrive....more

How To Adopt a Kid Without Signing Papers

Several of you asked, "What's the story behind your kid who doesn't look anything like the rest of you?" I made a phone call, asked permission, and am now laying it all out there. The short answer to the question "How To Adopt a Child Without Going to Court" is by omission: When the birth parent doesn't give a shit. Simple enough? ...more
If there weren't people like you in the world, ready to stand up for injustice and care for the ...more

When your youngest turns 18...

"Let me see. If Adam is turning 18 today, and  I was X  when he was born. Then X  + 18 = my age now.""Really? I'm only X  + 18?"(Foolishly, I had been adding a year to that since my birthday in August. I'm not as old as I thought? ... I better double check my math.)"If this is 2014, and I was born in 19_ _; then 2000 - 19_ _ = _ _+ 14 = how old I will be in August. Not now. I've been saying I already was X  + 18 + 1!"...more

Taking Stock and other Hot Teas

TAKING STOCK  Every once (or thrice) in a lifetime, one may be inclined, through forces unforeseen, or some kind of milestone, or even the joy of fitting into a dress size smaller, the opportunity to contemplate the steps in one's journey that brings the present forward. I bring you mine. Born.  ...more

Are You Happy?

As I was on Facebook yesterday, my youngest son popped open a chat box.  "Momma, are you happy?" was the first thing he typed.  He said he was just thinking of me and worried whether I was happy or not.Am I happy?  I raised a son who takes the time out of his day to check on me.  How could I not be happy knowing that?  He has grown in to a wonderful man who is empathetic, loving, and kind.  There is nothing more a mother could ask for....more

Role Reversal

Hubby's been out of town this week attending training so Wednesday night, I had a girl's night.  A friend came by the house, we ordered Chinese and watched a movie.  Pretty tame night, right?  I was done and over by 10 p.m.!!So tell me why, on Thursday, my youngest son wanted to know what I'd been doing the night before?  When I asked why, he informed me I had no business being up that late!!  10 p.m.?? ...more

Mother's Day 101

Today, in honor of Mother’s Day, I did a bit of research on its origin and meaning. Here is what I found out: Mother’s Day was set aside for the appreciation of mothers, motherhood, and maternal bonds in general, but neither the history of Mother’s Day (which had its roots in a woman’s peace movement bent on recognizing and uniting mothers whose sons had died in war), nor the present commercialization of Mother’s Day, can illuminate its protocol. For that, it seems we have to go with our gut....more

Your article said it all. I was happy to link to a supporting document!more

Another New Year

I think it's done, the long process of putting away, and recovering from, the holidays....more

Holiday Gifts for Grown Kids: What to Do?

Maybe they’re not into Santa anymore, but grown-up kids still need presents. That’s not easy. There are reasons -- lots of them -- why shopping for adult offspring can give you palpitations, especially when they live across the country or the Atlantic or some other version of far away. ...more

This is a great blog! Thank you! I suppose I qualify as the grown child, by a lot of years. ...more

Thanksgiving When All the Kids are Grown-Ups

Life is different when your kids are grown, especially around the holidays. One of my sons lives in London with his new wife, the other in San Francisco with his cool girlfriend. We hardly ever get to be all together, and when we do it’s not for long. This year, as is often the case, it’s going to be Thanksgiving. Although I learned long ago not to get really nuts about it, here’s the truth: When your kids grow up there’s not a lot you can do for them besides feed them and not pressure them to be around when they can’t. ...more

enjoyed your post on thanksgiving visits with your two grown sons. It's a reminder that we are ...more