I was kicked off my son's Facebook page...again...

This morning I was on the internet stalking checking up on my friends life using the legally approved search method called facebook when what pops up in the bottom left hand corner of my screen...my firstborn has updated his "LIFESTYLE" status!!!  First off, I'm shocked, my son has a lifestyle?  How can that be?  When I left for work this morning he was still in bed. ...more
@Cindyhuber I like knowing that YOU own the laptop, Amiga. YOU are the boss then.    :)   Love ...more

Mom Revisited

I nod with a knowing smile at my young mother friends who throw up their hands at the latest crisis with their children. Is it bed-wetting, pink eye, inability to play nicely with others? Mark my words, I say, you will blink and all of a sudden they're grown up. This is what older women used to tell me when I was a young mother and I thought they didn't know what they were talking about....more
@victorias_view It is a seismic change for everyone, for sure. :)more