Grow up!

Two words I haven't used very often. In bed last night, fighting a cold and apparently insomnia, I thought about how recently I felt like saying Grow Up to a variety of acquaintances and complete strangers. I'm talking about fully grown "adults". The last time I used those words was in while updating my online dating profile a year ago:...more

My So-Called Life...In Inappropriate Shoes.

I have to thank a couple of my fellow bloggers for some of their recent posts. You see, these ladies have some excellent tastes in shoes and that reminded me of all of the pairs of shoes I have in my closets.For the past ten years, I have been someone's 'other'. Sometimes it was significant, and sometimes it was not....more

You're Never Alone in the Fire

Ever noticed when you go through the deepest darkest seasons of life, you often feel alone? You know your family and friends are there, but you still feel all by yourself. You are certain that God is with you, but you cannot "feel" His presence as much as you long to. Sometimes, painful-laden grief can be so severe, so intense and so piercing that it can render you spiritual numb. During these season, even the Word of God can feel like it's not penetrating - not getting through. But it is and He's still there....more

If Only You Were Just A Little...

Thinner. Taller. Prettier. Wealthier.Smarter. Funnier. If only... How often do we get in our own way? How often are our own barriers the main cause of our unhappiness? If only. If only I had a man. If only I had a better job. If only I had children. If only I had... Had what? What would make us happier and more fulfilled? Would it be money? Beauty? A bigger house? A better paying job? Is that one elusive thing so out of reach as to be totally mythical at this point? ...more

A Chronicle of How the State of the World Can Inspire a Signature Jewellery Design - Part 4

Everything came full circle as I found the perfect symbol....more

Stop Weighing Yourself

I ran across a list on the internet the other day of "America's 10 Most Stressful Cities" and I had to laugh. Did I check out the list? ...more

Radical Responsibility: Reading Stephen Cope's The Wisdom of Yoga Over the Summer

For some time now, I have been wanting to re-read Stephen Cope's The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker's Guide to Extraordinary Living. This is Cope's second book, and I think it's even better than his first in a variety of ways. But this is not to be a book review. ...more

Surprising changes I’ve noticed as I raise my energy vibration

I wrote a piece recently about raising your ‘energy vibration’. As I personally get further down the track of doing this myself I have noticed three changes that have taken place very naturally – but they still managed to surprise me. ...more