A grateful heart: A grump and a pint-sized bookworm

I was ecstatic for a moment. I thought I had won the Christmas tree wager!! (The one where I bet the Christmas tree that I could lose 13 pounds by December 1.)...more

The Contagious Grump

I cannot be the only one…who wonders about the amount of influence the people who spend time with my child will have on the type of person he will become as he grows. Are our children simply mimicking the uncle who tells inappropriate jokes at the dinner table and groaning like daddy when asked to take out the trash, or are our little angels picking up all of our good and (mostly) bad behaviors along their way? ...more

How To Transform Stress Into Relaxation

I was scheduled to speak in Munster, Indiana at 7pm in front of 300 cancer patients, their support people, and their health care providers. Mapquest said it would only take 48 minutes to drive from the North Shore of Chicago, but knowing Chicago traffic, I left at 2:30pm, thinking I’d avoid traffic, sit and work on my next book in a coffee shop with plenty of time to spare, and show up fully chillaxin’ in a relaxation response.Good thing I did....more
Great blog post!  XOmore

A Snarky Poem

I am still exploring my old online journal, and in the process of delving into the past I came across a poem I wrote a few years back. From the tone of the writing, I think living and working downtown was starting to get to me! ...more


Feeling a little blah and discouraged today. Sometimes I get tired of putting in the effort when it seems to have so little reach or effect, you know? So this is going to be pretty much it for today (must satisfy my NaBloPoMo requirement, after all!), but hopefully I'll have more to offer tomorrow. Meh. ------------------------- ~ Dawn Storey ...more
We all have meh days! I bet tomorrow's post will be filled with inspiration!more

Corn and Chipotle Soup Might Help. Will You Make Me Some?

He jogs up the field, a zig, a zag, oops a tumble but then he’s up again and in position. The ball streaks toward his outstretched hands as the crowd goes nuts. Yes! He caught it!A proud parent jumps up and claps.Not me. I was not the proud parent at the Y’s Itty Bitty Sports Class yesterday. Nope. I was the one sitting in the stands crying....more

You have 2 options: Happiness is one of them!

How you feel makes a difference to those around you. If you doubt that, try this: One day, act like you are in a great mood. Smile, offer help to people, be cheerful. Play it up but be believable. See how people respond. Then try the opposite. Put on a grumpy act. Tighten your face and let your body language say, "don't bother me!". Compare the responses and see how much your mood impacts others and the way they interact with you. Let's discuss - what happens when you try both acts? ...more

Grumpy Meme

I was tagged in a meme by the lovely and always fascinating Kristin at Wanderlust.  She is a talented writer.  If you haven’t checked her out already, you should do so!  I have been charged to list 7 things that annoy me, bother me, piss me off, make me grumpy, IRRITATE me (said with a growl).  You get the idea. I have no problem doing this.  Sadly, I am a person with many pet peeves.  Recently, I wrote a list in a post, ...more

It's fun to be grumpy!

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Panera Bread Ramblings

Panera Bread Ramblings My lungs are acting up again. Thankfully, after 25 years of dealing w/ them, I can tell this time isn't serious. ...more