Bazooka Limon Guacamole -- YES

 Last month for my birthday we went to a great Mexican restaurant, El Vez, in the city with some friends. I had been there a couple times in the past for drinks, but had never had any food, so I was pretty psyched to try it out finally....more

Taqueria Style Guacamole

I want to wax poetic about this guacamole, but, well, my brain is beach mush. So please believe me when I say it is outstanding. It is a smooth guacamole, blitzed in the blender, and had more tomatillos in it than avocados, so you can count on it being quite tangy. It was the perfect complement to carnitas–stay tuned for the recipe. - See more at: ...more

Bacon Guacamole

Quick Guacamole Guacamole ...more

grilled cheese with spicy guacamole.

If you remember my recent post about spicy cocktails today’s ode to spicy guacamole tucked in between two slice of cheesy sourdough will come as no surprise. (Well, that and the fact that is in fact National Grilled Cheese month) I used to be super hesitant with spicy things at restaurants and I always, always seeded a jalapeno before plopping it into a slow cooker. ...more

On Being a Tool

If you sent me to my room and told me to get dressed and I walked out with pants on my head, you would think me either insane or five years old. If you asked me to dust the blinds and I went in search of a circular saw, you would lock up the tools, myself included. If you wanted me to make you some tasty guacamole and I reached for the bag of marshmallows to fold into the mashed avocado, you would likely gag and remove me from the kitchen. I clearly could not be trusted....more

Green Goddess Guacamole Dip

 Before I met Jesse about 5 years ago, I had never had an avocado nor ever ventured trying guacamole. Guacamole just seemed like something I would despise. Do you have any foods that you just KNOW you'll despise?...more

Guacamole as Poor Man's Butter

Being unemployed when most of my friends already have jobs, or are back in school, there's really not a lot of reason for me to go out. I'm not necessarily bored, I have loads of films and series to keep me company, and of course, my kitchen skills.For the past few days however, I've increasingly become a bum, much to my dissatisfaction. Alhtough I'm not a professional bum am I? I still keep this blog, which you lovely lot are very appreciative of (thanks for all the notes and likes on twitter and tumblr) and just of this moment, I made guacamole!...more

How to Make Grilled Guacamole

Is there any better appetizer or dip than freshly made guacamole? The question is kind of rhetorical, but also‚ the answer is YES. It turns out there is a better dip than guacamole: grilled guacamole. ...more
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Guacamole at ...more