Life With My Husband: Who is 35 years older

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Plastic Surgery: Going Under the Knife to Always Look 36

Ladies, if you're 36, you're perfect. Everyone else? Listen up. At least, that's what an article by Eva Wiseman in the GUARDIAN's Observer Magazine would have you believe. I think. My British isn't great, so it's possible that Wiseman was being facetious, and I missed it in the language nuance... ...more

I totally see your point about how many women -- especially young women -- are ready and willing ...more

What Sense Can We Make of WikiLeaks in Top Secret America?

In the last two weeks, two stories have made national news that  posed challenges for journalists on the national security beat: the Washington Post's blockbuster investigation of the sprawling national security empire that has emerged since 9/11, and Wikileaks' online publication of tens of thousands of internal military documents related to the Afghan War. Taken together, the stories raise important questions about the nature of journalism and the state of public discourse. ...more

Thanks, Melissa. I'm starting to think that one of our shortcomings as journalists is that we ...more