Why You Should Guest Blog, Part II

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Why You Should Guest Blog, Part I

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Looking for Guest Bloggers for my series: "And that's when I realized...." !!!

I'm starting a new series at Nested called "And that's when I realized...."I'm accepting submissions and would love to hear from you....more

The Reason Why I'm Not Here Today

First Year of Blogging is Almost Over!

I would first like to say that a milestone of 2012 is that I did my very first GUEST POST!!! However, it doesn't qualify as a favourite post for 2012 because it won't be posted until 2013. It's for this blog: Check it out now, and in the new year for my post! http://sunnydaysarelove.blogspot.ca/...more

The Rollercoaster - Guest Blog

My good friend Cassie, over at Mama Phrass, has had the journey of a lifetime. In a crash course of growing up, she's truly experienced more heightened highs and lows than anyone I've ever met. A few months ago, her struggles culminated in a dream job. That combined with her loving family, including a gorgeous little girl, gave her the sense that, yes, everything does happen for a reason. Even though when times are tough, that phrase may be one of the most hated....more

The Mom Pledge - Guest Blog

Becoming Supermommy alerted me a while back to the Mom Pledge, an idea I really like and needed to know more about....more

Jazz Up a Headband

As you can tell from the title, I didn't write this one. I'm about as crafty as a foot. The crafter-extraordinaire at The Crafting Hobbit took pity on me and made matching headbands for my girls. And, let me tell you, they love them. We are going on day three of endless-headband wear. Here's they're affectionately called Bandheads for some reason, but I'm digressing....more

You Deserve to be Happy

I'm guest blogging over at aias.ca today! Go check it out!  It's about MAH LIFE. How to make the most out of the time you spend at home, even if it's not really your strongest suit.You Deserve to Be HappyHere's an excerpt:Look around you. What do you see?...more

Redefining Roles - Guest blog

Jessica Wallace is a working mother and blogger extraordinaire who finds herself home for a short time, and trying to make the best of it. She's over at Geekmama! Go take a peek!___I've held a paid job for as long as I've been legally allowed to. In high school and during college breaks I worked in fast food, from drive-though cashier to trainer to shift manager. Before that, I had a daily paper route....more