7 ways to get more eyeballs on your blog

You’ve spent all that time and effort creating your masterpiece – your epic content that provides insight and value.  You’ve hit ‘publish’ and then trotted off to grab your glass of vino to wait for the traffic to come pouring in. But, wait, when you check out the analytics on your website you realise you’re singing to an audience that just isn’t there.  No one is coming to your blog – and that just sucks!It can be so frustrating putting in all that effort and then finding that no one is listening....more

Tips for Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be such a daunting idea to new (and experienced) blogger. I'd like to give you some very actionable steps you can take to push you over the edge and get you started in sharing your message on other sites.One of the best changes I’ve made at The Blogging Bunch this year is to reach out to influencers in the blogosphere and invite them to join us on our weekly hangouts....more

Round up

We are going to host a monthly Round Up. What is a Round Up you ask, they are are just what it sounds like…a round up of posts. Each month will focus on a Family Travel/Adventure topic. If you have a blog post you would like included in the round-up please send us the link HERE.  Here are a few of the topics we will use for the round-ups:...more

Guest Blogging is a Doozy?

Content marketing seems to be all the rage in 2013.Forget about Google rankings and start churning out content.The more, the better.The longer, the better.With all this content frenzy, guest blogging is taking more of a spotlight than ever.Some blogs want even more guest posts, hoping to increase their rankings by publishing fresh content often with not so much focus on the quality.Some, on the other hand, decided to close their doors to accepting guest posts altogether.Guest Blogging is a Doozy?...more

4 Sobering Reasons You Should Avoid Guest Blogging

If you’ve been blogging for longer than a couple of months, you should’ve heard by now how great guest blogging is when it comes down to building an audience.Pretty much every blogger out there is aware of that fact.The real problem is that most folks aren’t taking action.For a while I was in the same boat.I waited and waited for months…There was the fear that my post wouldn’t be accepted.Then I feared that if the post was accepted, I would receive very little social sharing....more

They Shared a BUM-BUM SPONGE. O. M. G.

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day (Sherilin's Laughing My Abs Off), and not only did it make me shriek in horror, but it was so, so appropriate for my own Bum-Bum Germs blog that I asked if I could repost it. She graciously agreed, and now you get to experience the horror too:...more

Grass Roots Campaign Goes VIRAL (maybe?)

So I get this email from one of my favorite bloggers over at Mothers of Brothers Blog (she's super-famous...she even wrote a book).Hey! Wouldn't it be great if a bunch of bloggers got together on a special day to feature each others' writing? Leap Day! We'll do it on Leap Day!  We'll call it Leap Blog!...more

Guest Bloggers Wanted: Early Childhood Education

Hola! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, I know I did....more

Wherein the Paterfamilas Blogs About Life With Me & OCD.

Awhile back, I asked my husband to write a guest blog about what life with me is like. I wanted him to be honest. So he obliged. Here is his take on the matter:---The other day Jo asked me to write about what it’s like to be her husband, what with all the stuff she believes and does when it comes to germs and such. So here it is. I’ll just start by saying I love her with all my heart, but there are unique…challenges…that come with that....more

Tripping with Kids: Getting There - Guest Blog

For me, going to the library down the street is a lot of effort. Visiting my mom a three-hour plane ride away is pandemonium. But XLMIC is a worldly traveler, and she goes with her kids! Here’s how she does it. ____ If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say, “We’d love to travel abroad, but we have kids…”, I could pay the roundtrip airfare for at least one member of my family to fly to Europe. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But isn’t that really what most people say?...more