Top 8 Hosting Ideas that are Sure to Impress: It's all in the Details

Ever find that you are wondering how to put in that one special touch here and there that will set your event apart from others that you've hosted?  It all really comes down to the details!  You don't have to rent a horse to escort your guests into your party, (al a Bridesmaids), just try one or a couple of these special touches.1. Make cards with cocktail recipesMake at least three; set them out on the bar so that guests will have an idea of a cocktail they would like to make. Of course, make your guests the first one....more

Clever Find - DrinkiD Bands

I have several (unfortunate) pet peeves....more

8 Things that Wedding Guests (rightfully) Bitch About

1. Sending Ms. Doe & Mr. Smith an invite addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Smith...more

Creating a menu for a great dinner

Creating a menu for a great dinner When we are having guests for dinner, my first thought is to think about the preparation of the perfect menu (and also cleaning up the house, that, i am not really fond of). Because you know how it works, it is not the same thing having over for dinner Elvis Presley or The Queen Elizabeth. Clearly, i wouldn't execute the same menu, the same ambiance, the same wine. Did Elvis ever drank wine ? That is a mystery to me......more


I have been married almost two years, but we had never lived with my in-laws before, primarily because they do not live in the States. A lot of my friends love it when their in laws come on short visits because they bring with them an extra couple of pairs of helping hands. They rave about how they come home from work everyday to home cooked meals, an immaculate house and cheerful kids, happy in the arms of their grand parents. That was one reason that got me excited about my in-laws’ 4-month long trip to visit us this year. They are wonderful people and I get along with them just fine....more

Walking a Fine Line: Social Host Laws and Underage Drinking

Cruising Main I know there are some who never drank alcohol in high school, but I didn't go to school with them....more

Hospitality: Overnight Guests


Miss Manners Says- Put Hand Towels In the Bathroom

It's Holiday time so make sure you put plenty of hand towels in the bathrooms for company otherwise you will regret it. When you forget to put hand towels in the bathroom what do you think is going to happen? ...more