Navigating New Haven: What to Do Around Yale

The home of Yale University, the suburb/city of New Haven, Connecticut, is located only two hours outside Manhattan, which I didn’t realize before my boyfriend worked at the hospital. It may be the final stop on its line on the Metro North train, but it’s not too far for a weekend trip....more

How to Choose the Right Apple for Your Dessert

 Photo Credit: Kristy Kay, 2013Do you love fall baking but never know what apples to pick? Here are five apples you cannot go wrong with for your next dessert. ...more

In-Depth Guide To Saving Money At Walmart – Guest Post

This guide is from the dealspotr website.It tells you exactly how to save more!  ...more

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents, Children and Families

Long lines, fighting for parking space, searching through disorganized store products while toting your little ones who may be cyring and wanting to grab everything in sight can be the typical nightmare scenario when you are a parent out doing some holiday shopping.   As the years pass by for me, I have become more and more of an online shopper, mainly because it's convenient and I can avoid the chaos and stress that comes with shopping in physical stores during the holiday season.  ...more

A Brief Guide to Buying a Baby Swing

Image source: Flickr...more

Bradshaw's Hand Book to London - St Giles to Lincoln's Inn Fields

Bradshaw's Hand Book to London, 1862, is a fascinating guide to this amazing city in Victorian times, and today's walk was no exception....more

Fitness Guide for Beginners

You want to start exercising and eating healthy, but you don't know where to begin? Between all those crazy diet fads the media is pushing, the bad exercise advice from well-intentioned Aunt, the magic weight loss pills marketing hypes and fitness myths women are facing, it is only understandable you might be feeling just... a little bit ... confused. Let's face it, there is a lot of information out there, so I totally get it why you might be feeling overwhelmed. I went through it too....more

A Girl's Guide to Getting Your Grill On

By: Heidi BrodLabor day.  For some, it’s the end of the lazy days of summer: Bonfires, cocktails, summer flings and beach houses fade into the recesses of our mind.Gone are the days when we wake up and can think coffee or cocktail?...more

Non-Confrontational Guide To Getting Your Waitress' Attention

My waitress at lunch today was pretty damned inattentive.  Thankfully, she got back to us before I got to the cacophony....more