Coming to terms with my seasonal selves

 Showed up at the airport for the first time since the beginning of the year, and understandably received exclamations of "Where have you been?!" "Haven't seen you in awhile!" "You been busy?" from friends at our first potluck of the season....more

Under Pressure: When There's No Time & Your Worst Enemy is YOU.

Time.There is NEVER enough.As a result, I often find myself feeling an immense pressure to get things done.  To check things off my to-do list.  To keep my head above water and not drown in a sea of responsibilities or unfinished business.  The pressure weighs on me like a lead blanket and I become stressed, overwhelmed and anxious....more

Is Gratitude a Sham?

Lately I’ve been having trouble with gratitude. Sometimes it feels like a sham. Like another thing people do to make themselves feel better, like go to church and eat organic food.(I go to church and eat organic food.)How could there be anything wrong with being thankful for all you have? Keeping a gratitude journal? Posting the list on Facebook and challenging others to do the same?Who gets skeptical about "feeling blessed"?...more

Why Do I Fail This Mother Thing Every Single Day?

I gave birth to my first child when I was 31. After pushing for two excruciating hours and two more excruciating minutes, she was finally born. I feel sure that I was on the verge of death after the whole ordeal. But then they placed the most beautiful, bright-eyed baby girl into my arms. And she had a pink bow stuck to her head. And she smelled like babies do. ...more
Me too.  That's all I can say. Thanks for writing this!more

The Guilty Conscience: I Work Therefore I Am Neglectful

“It’s fine. You have to work…again. Maybe we’ll snuggle tomorrow.”My daughter said it in a way that let me know it most certainly was not fine. For being only nine years old, she sure has mastered how to lay on the guilt in a flawlessly passive-aggressive way, without knowing what passive-aggressive even means....more

Confession Of An Introverted Mother

When I was growing up there was a conversation that happened repeatedly between my mother and me."Why don't you go talk to so-and-so (call them, go to a certain place, do a certain thing)?" She would ask.I would shrug, "I don't want to." I would tell her."But WHY?""Because I'm shy," I would say and go back to reading my book."You're not shy!" She would declare, and she was right. I'm really not. I'm not timid. I was always happy enough to raise my hand in class or take a part in the church Christmas program....more

Excuse me while I remove my face from the Halloween candy

Ok, Halloween is over and there are left overs everywhere.  We have an overflowing candy bowl at home as well as two treat bags my kids brought home from trick or treating.  There is even candy at work because of course no one wants their family actually eating the candy that their kids worked so hard for. Here are the excuses that I use to justify eating leftover candy at home and at work....more

The Guilt

I have Mom Guilt.  There, I said it.  Well, I wrote it.In the middle of this separation, I have even more Mom Guilt.  It's suffocating at times.  Daunting.  Painful.  Gives me a couple of tears, alone, in the bathroom.He does the fun stuff.  He doesn't force the homework.  He let's them do whatever.  That's not to be mean -- it's actually just, him.Me? I get to:...more

Enough Enough Enough Guilt Already

Enough is enough is enough is enough - what am I ranting about? Guilt over 'failed' runs, missed runs, or just running in general. No one is holding a gun to my head and saying - run or else?!? My life, my career, nothing in my life depends or hinges upon my running. For pete's sake, it used to be for FUN!...more

An Adoptive Mothers Guilt

  Mothers Guilt, ever heard of it?If you never heard of it awesome, run away before it plagues you! There is the normal Mothers Guilt of...more
I totally agree! As an adoptive parent there is a lot of guilt (even if unnecessary). Thank you ...more