I want to love you like you do!

I love the way you look at me. Your eyes talk to me about love and about us. They have so many things to say.Your eyes try to tell me stories- stories about our beautiful tomorrows that await me. They exude warmth and promises. The warmth it showers weaves a cocoon of your love around me. It makes me feel at home. It makes me want to stay in this warm cocoon forever....more

Facing Up to My Dirty Little Secret

I have a dirty, little secret, and I was always told "secrets, secrets are no fun - secrets, secrets hurt someone." My secret? Shame. It’s also a major topic I have been recently addressing in my life with my counselor.  Many of us assimilate shame and guilt but actually they are two very different thought processes.  For example: Guilt is, "Uh oh, I did some wrong and I feel bad." Shame is, "Uh oh, I did something wrong so I am bad." ...more

Mom Guilt

I'm fairly sure I gained "Mom Guilt" the minute I gave birth.  My oldest is 12, so I have a thorough understanding of it.But now?  I see it's gotten much worse.  Now that I'm divorced.Been divorced a year.  We were separated a year before that -- so two years down.I have neverending "Mom Guilt":...more

Sibling Bereavement

When someone dies, the parents or the spouse are the ones who seem to attract the most sympathy and support, which is what they deserve. But I hope also that the siblings get their support, too. Even if they seem to not understand or even if they seem like they are not affected. It doesn't matter how young or how grown up they are. They will grieve in their unique way....more
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Accepting the Mommy Guilt

Let me tell you about my son. Cian is two and a half. Cian lives a much different life than his sisters did when they were his age. He doesn't go to Music Together class. He hasn't been signed up for MyGym. We hardly ever, ever go to the library, but that's mainly because I never remember to take back the books on time and we keep racking up overdue fees (role model up in HERE!). His last playdate was two months ago. Want to know what Cian does?...more


 The spiritual practice we are focusing on this month is forgiveness. As I began to pray about this, I wondered how I was going to talk about forgiveness and food. It was during our Living the Five Agreements group when I realized that what had helped me stop overeating and eating compulsively was when I began forgiving myself and others....more

Kids grow up too fast.

My daughter goes back to school on Monday. It's been a very long summer, and I didn't think we were going to survive parts of it. As much as I love my children and being a stay-at-home mom, those long summer days and (so much) togetherness can be enough to push an otherwise sane person over the edge (and I was already teetering pretty close). But, we made it and now that the summer is almost over, I'm actually a little sad....more

Struggling with the Guilt that I Didn't Know Would Come with a Miscarriage

Struggling With the Guilt That I Didn’t Know Would Come With A Miscarriage...more

The Baby Milestones That Matter Most

The day those two pink lines appeared, I felt the world stop moving. It was a wave of joy, fear, and squealing family phone calls. My brain was buzzing, and a giddy smile lingered across my mouth. I could hardly wait until my husband got home. He eventually walked through the door, exhausted after a 14-hour shift. The news exploded out of me. ...more
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Flash Fiction: I Used To Dream About You Dying

There are some dreams you shouldn't tell people about. This is one of them....more