Letting Go of Anger, Guilt, and Regret -- Gaining The Inside Advantage

I recently talked about carrying around excess baggage—the stuff we don’t want or need—the negative thoughts and emotions in our heads and hearts. I mentioned one of the things you can do to help yourself is to examine the negative emotions that are in your life.  I hope that you found the list I prepared (taken from my book The Inside Advantage:  How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Things).If not, I invite you to take a look now at the last few Blogs on my website at CWLauro.com....more

I thought I Was Electrocuted!

On July 19th, a post about fireflies was published on the blog, Two Teens and Their Mama. Reading it reminded me of a long-forgotten moment in time.FirefliesEvery few years my family would travel to Pennsylvania, to visit my grandparents farm and spend time with our relatives. My sisters and I always looked forward to catching fireflies, because they did not exist where we lived in Alberta....more

Forgive me for Stomping all over your Victory

His eyes are searching. His facial expression is one of contained alarm. He’s standing at the doorway in his military camouflage snow suit and winter gear, stopped in his tracks by an entirely different kind of storm. His search finally yields something:...more

Staging Happiness

Over the weekend the girls and Sean performed in a local production of The Secret Garden. Sean had done the show twenty years ago with Youththeatre, an activity that played a central role in his childhood and that he has shared with the girls by taking them to productions in the summer. We’ve always wondered if they’d get the theatre bug, with Sean and I having met through theatre and their Papa having a career in theatre....more

Someone Needs to Stick Up For White Picket Fences

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles written by stay-at-home moms and “mommy bloggers,” exploring what it is to be those things. Struggling with what it is to be those things. Not liking how the world views what it is to be those things. And defending what it is to be those things....more

I'm Afraid I Wished It All Away

I wish he would start sleeping through the night… I wish she would hold her bottle on her own… I wish he would learn to sit up… I wish she could tell me exactly what she wanted… I wish he would figure out potty-training… I wish she could pour herself some milk… I wish he would watch something besides Thomas the Tank Engine…I wish she went to school for longer than two-and-a-half hours… ...more
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Underutilized: The difficult part of staying at home

  Last Monday evening I sat in traffic with my two boys, Wylie (10)and Max (7), and our greyhound. When I say “our” greyhound, I should clarify that we got the dog last year for our kids and definitely NOT for me.We were all headed home after a glorious weekend in the mountains. My husband, Andy, left for work early Monday morning and I stayed behind to manage the kids and the dog....more

Am I Still a Stay-at-home Mom If My Kids Aren't Home Much?

My son is of school-age now, so starting in August, he will be out of the house from 8:30 am until 3:05 pm most weekdays. My daughter goes to preschool from 8 am until 5 pm three days per week, and I’m about to put her back in the neighborhood daycare she used to go to from 8 am until 5 pm an additional day per week.So, should I still call myself a stay-at-home mom if my kids are barely home during the week? Forget “stay-at-home”, am I still a “mom” if other people take care of my kids more hours than I do?...more

Breast is best… but for who?

Now before all the breast feeding advocates get upset, please know that I am a huge supporter of breast feeding. I think that there are so many positive advantages to breastfeeding, however it needs to be a good fit for both mom and baby. For me, breastfeeding was not a good fit for anyone. I struggled with both my children and eventually threw in the towel after three months of frustration, tears and anger. Looking back it still bothers me that I had very little to no support from fellow mothers....more

Why Am I Not Vegetarian? Because Meat Tastes Good and I'm Picky

I'm an omnivore. A picky omnivore (I'm slowly getting better). I have friends who are vegetarian and vegan. Some are more evangelistic than others. Some are just like, "Eh, I'm a vegetarian. Big whoop." Others regularly post things about how much better, healthier, more moral, etc., their choice is. And you know what? For the most part, they're right. ...more
Loved your candid words on food.  I am also a "meat-eater"...and respect the famers and cattle ...more