More Hours in the Day: Every Working Mom's Wish

It's just after midnight on Nov. 1, and I had just spent the last three hours baking four dozen cookies, wrapped probably two dozen little beef wienies in bacon, sliced two pounds of strawberries, filled my seven-day vitamin container for the next week and finally changed the apples and cinnamon sticks in my infused water pitcher and packed my gym backpack with the truest intentions of getting up in the morning and going swimming.Now to clarify I did not just list out all of these thing in the attempt to gain sympathy or pity but rather to gain a true understanding that maybe I am not the only working mother in the world who feels there are totally not enough hours in the day to actually get everything finished that I want to finish on top of working a full-time job....more

I Am Working Mama

When I get up in the morning I fall out of bed having had too little sleep, shuffle through a mountain of washing in the semi darkness and try to put together something that won’t get me fired from my job for looking like a hobo or a hooker. By the time I walk out of the door, the triumph of positive mental attitude means that I have persuaded myself that I am a poster girl for working mamas everywhere. My confidence oozes out of every pore as I walk down the street, my stride long and p...more
ExpressBusMama I'm so sorry I missed this earlier. Do you have any tips and tricks to share to ...more

Drawing Dinosaurs

The last time I felt guilty. The last time I felt guilty?  I don’t remember a time when I didn't feel guilty about something. I feel guilty writing this now....more