Levels, Shame, and Joy . . . Oh, My!

To Do List Clean (really clean) the first levelStraighten the second levelBankGasConsignment ShopEspresso Beans at A New Day BakeryDrop note with tin of cookies at Blatters  Dear Mr. and Mrs....more

Coming Clean About Spending With My Husband

I will not spend needlessly in Nordstrom Rack.Thankfully, this was not one of my wedding vows. Because it would have been a lie....more
It's great that you're recognizing that there is a problem and you're willing to talk about it ...more

How to Let Go of Guilt

The past few weeks I've covered some topics that I really felt were important to those of you who are dating or in a relationship.  Now that I’ve gotten all of the dating stuff out of the way, I want to start talking about you again.After all, my purpose is to help you become the woman you were meant to be and let go of everything that has truly damaged you.  That’s why I wanted to talk about letting go of guilt....more

Ridding my life of guilt and regret

I wish I could be one of those people who lives life without any regrets, who makes decisions in a carefree manner and never looks back. I know several people who live life this way (or at least claim to) and I envy that they are able to do this. But I’m most definitely not one of those people....more

How Guilt Holds Us Back

So many of us live under an oppressive cloud of heavy guilt. We are plagued by regret of decisions made and actions taken, words spoken, or opportunities not explored. We feel as though we have done so many things wrong and we forget about all of the things that we have done right....more

The Scar

I don't have scars from childhood, not from the times that I fell of my bike, not from the many times that I fell down the stairs. I don't have scars from picked mosquito bites or scabs like my mother said I would....more

Guilt, With A Side Of Whisky

Again, with the guilt.  If there is anything that is consistent in this autism experience, it is that guilt is a constant and a given.  This morning, I awoke to the screaming (that’s becoming a constant, as well).  My feet hadn’t even met the floor before the chaos began.  I walked into the living room to see my partner, my beautiful partner of infinite patience, trying to calm the fireman.  To no avail.  Yay, it’s Sunday!I contemplated going back to bed, but it would mean two things, well three actually:1.  I would actually be giving up....more
I'm listening! Feeling sad and feeling your pain. I also feel the endless love you have for your ...more

Polaroid Moments

It’s Saturday, around 4 pm, and I’m laying in bed, swelling with anger and shrinking with guilt, a toxic emotional cocktail that I drown myself in often.  ”You don’t need that guilt,” says my therapist.  ”Let it go.  You don’t need it.”  So easy to say....more
 @verystrangebird You are very welcome. Go @verystrangebird !more

Working Mom Guilt: Dealing with Sick Children

Dealing with a sick child is never fun. But when you’re a working mom, and your child goes to daycare, you end up having to make those tough decisions in the morning. I find myself asking the same questions every time: Does he have a fever? How sick is he really? Will he actually rest if I keep him home, or is he better off at daycare?...more