A Stay-At-Home Mom Shares Gratitude—For All Moms

I have a confession to make: Most days at 4 pm I rush around the house tossing toys into baskets and sippy cups into the dishwasher. I dress myself and the ladies, put on a little mascara, and cram something in the oven. Then, 30 minutes later, when Louis comes in the door from work, everything is all put-together, June Cleaver-style. Reality? ...more
Big smile...it is always nice to know my tupperware isn't the only one laying out on the floor....more

Motherhood Guilt

I look at my daughter and how sweet and innocent she is and I can't help but feel a little guilty. Sometimes I feel guilty that I brought her into this world....more

Your post captured my daily struggle. Just last night I had a tiny glimpse into 'almost pain' ...more

"Stay with Me, Let's Just Breathe"

Yes, I understand that every life must end, aw-huh,.. As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, aw-huh,.. Oh I’m a lucky man, to count on both handsthe ones I love,..Some folks just have one, yeah, others, they’ve got none, huh-uhStay with me,.. Let’s just breathe.~ Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder...more

Circumcision and Mommy guilt.

Circumcision. One of my life's deepest regrets. I cannot believe that I let a nurse take my five day old infant from my arms and cut off a part of his penis. And why? I have no idea why. I had doubts about it but my husband insisted that the new baby, his son, be circumcised. I felt taken advantage of, like my thoughts didn't matter, especially since I don't have a penis (just the vagina that bore your son but whatevs). I remember after his check up the doctor said, "You need to wait in the waiting room now....more

Blogger Guilt, The Life of a 32 Year Old Single Girl, and a Clothing Crisis

I have major guilt over the lack of entries in my blog entry.  I was so good at the beginning - I was blogging everyday.  But I didn't do what people told me to do...and now the guilt has set in.  I mean I was expecting it....I am Catholic after all.  There is always guilt! But in the blogging world there is no confessional.  So I can only keep moving forward and trying to do better and in the meantime, take my penance. As a peace offering, I offer up a story of today's panic attack which involved me possibly forgetting what I wore on my last da...more

Having my own "play" time and not living through my child

So I started playing tennis again. And as I played, I couldn’t believe how much it meant to me. Because I was truly having unadulterated fun: a feeling I think I tend to deprive myself of. Oh, and my nine-year-old daughter felt relieved. Here’s the story. After occasionally playing for the past 25 years and previously playing for my high school team, I finally decided to get back in the game. I signed up for a weekly doubles clinic, and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the whole time I played...which must have been super annoying to the other players for an hour and a half....more

what a great post. i've been wanting to get back into soccer lately. when i was at my nephew's ...more

What Makes You Nice: Good Will or Guilt?

When we play nice with others, perhaps collaborating with colleagues on a big presentation at work, what’s the motivation? Part of it may be because it actually feels good to help out and get along with others. Research has actually backed this up: Brains scans show that reward centers of the brain "light up" when people are in the act of cooperating....more

The Process and Progress of "Letting Go"....

“There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind....more


It seems the older we get, the more we acquire; not only in material things, but also the experiences that come from living life. No one goes through life without the ups and downs, the struggles, the hardships, the joys and celebrations that accumulate as the years add up.The more candles we have on our cake, the more stories we have to tell. ...more

The One Where I Lie to My Friends

I have a confession to make... a friend is moving back to the US and even though I pretend to be sad about it, I am actually happy she's going! I feel terrible for feeling this way, but I can't help myself. It's amazingly selfish and if any of my friends in real life knew they would be very upset with me. They would be horrified that I could think such a horrible thing about someone I call my friend. It would probably change their view of me completely. So I hide it. I keep it to myself and pray that no one discovers my dark secret. So what is this friend's crime?? What has she done to make me so happy that she's moving so far away? Three wordsHER BABY LIVED...more
I am not exactly in your situation...the only time I was lucky enough to have been pregnant was ...more