Breakfast! I am in need of serious help! Breakfast time has become a very stressful, expensive and time consuming experience for me. I'm not even talking about the getting up early and trying not to be late problem because I can deal with that. It's the I feel like a horrible mom because my kid will not eat and goes to school with an empty stomach that really gets to me. Now I can already hear some of you now "that's her choice" ... I know. But haven't you heard of mommy guilt? I have a freezer full of french toast sticks and eggo everything....more

Date Night Anxiety

Hmmm.  I’m about to discuss something controversial.  Every mom blogger knows that the most controversial thing you can write about is anything having to do with your husband. Well, I am going to venture a guess that I am not alone in date-night-related-anxiety. Usually, when date night is planned, it is in response to an over-stressed schedule and the recognition that we must remember we love our spouse and need to give them attention too. So, the date night is put on The Calendar. Then, my worrying begins.  I cannot help it.  I know it i...more

Is my title "Mom" or is it "Selfish, Guilt-Ridden Crab?"

I watched a movie today called Motherhood.  Wow!  I’m not in New York City as Uma Thurman’s character was set, but I sure do understand how she feels.  She’s got so many things on her list that needs to be done that day and the movie takes you through her pressure of accomplishing those items to be checked off.  In the meantime, there’s just one thing she wants to do for herself that she continues to try to get to, but she just can’t seem to get the cooperation from her husband, the support from her friends, or the quiet time to let her mind become removed from the ...more

This is exactly how I feel with my 3 kids and husband, almost everyday! Thanks so much for ...more

Thank You Notes: Social Must or Time Suck Bust?

Now that Little Dude's birthday has come and gone, and he's enjoying all the new toys he received as gifts, I'm left with only one last thing to do. Thank you notes....more
If someone takes the time out to shop for a present, or make a cake, or spend ANY of their own ...more

Blurring the Lines: Work/Life Balance

Self-Sabotage Regardless of the fact that I have been working from ho...more

Dear lovebugs

Dear Lovebugs: Today was a great day.  I hope when you are older we still do this.  Right now we start everyday talking about what a great day today is, and every night the last thing you tell me is today was a great day mommy.  (well last thing before I tell you good night, I love you, see you in the morning).  I love when you tell me today is a great day, it reminds me that today is indeed a great day.  Even if I am so consumed with getting us all where we need to be, fed, napped, etc.  and consumed with somehow getting my work done, and frustrated be...more

Letters to my love bugs

Today I decided to start writing to my children.  A woman who's blog I follow regularly lost her son this week- and I was inspired by her love for her son and her family to really dig in and tell my kids how I feel about them.  If I was gone tomorrow, they would never know how I felt, what my life was like, and what was on my mind and heart.  If I am able to I would like to leave them a written history of my journey as their mother.  In this way they will always have me with them no matter what.  And, they may be able to understand a little more about me and our rel...more

The Greatest Gift Dad Ever Gave Me

This past Mother’s Day weekend my thoughts went in a different direction than most (which is not at all uncommon for me)…they went toward my father. On May 8, 2009 he and my mom sat down with their family doctor to find out the horrific news that Dad was in the late stages of pancreatic cancer. A cancer that would take his life just 11 days later. As we approach the anniversary of my dad’s death, I can’t help of think of him throughout most of my days....more

All those in favor of procrastination - have I got a product for you!

Whenever I’m someplace I don’t want to be or doing something I don’t want to do, I daydream about the chores I’d be doing if only I were home.  Pitiful, huh?  I hate being bored, so even doing chores seems preferable, that is when I’m not actually able to do them.   I think to myself, if I were home, or if I weren’t doing this boring project, I’d be scrubbing that bathroom, cleaning that stove, stripping the old paint off that…   Then I get home and there are so many other things I’d rather be doing or not doing, so...more

I used to do that with my to do lists. ONE thing. JUST ONE THING. And those evolved into 10 ...more

You Have My Permission to Roadtrip Freely

Guilt doesn't just eat parents of kids with special needs alive -- it disembowels us, especially when we think about taking time for ourselves. How can we go away? What if we're the only ones who can take care of our kids' needs? Or our absence would be a very big change, and any change results in air raid siren-volume tantrums? Or we know so many other parents who never get a break, who have no ability to take a break, who need a break worse than we do? How can we even think of getting away when ours lives are so intertwined with our children's? How can we possibly be so self-indulgent, so cavalier? ...more

And I'm really glad you can get away with your husband. We're still trying to figure that one ...more