No Guilt, Only Pleasure

As I was making dinner tonight, my roommate asked me if I'd heard that Taylor Swift's albums had disappeared from Spotify. I had, but I also had to admit that it didn't really matter to me. Why? Because I own her last three albums....more

Books Books Books

My nose is pretty firmly planted in my kindle most of the time (including walking home from work, in the tub, while I'm knitting), so I get quite a bit of reading done.  This means that I'm always on the hunt for something new to read, especially if I can get it from my library on the kindle (my obsession).  Has anyone read anything lately that you would recommend?...more
Heh. Have you read The Luxe series yet? It's kinda GGesque but it's a historical.more

Driven by Guilt

Why are you guilt-ridden the moment you take some time to yourself? Why does what little personal time you have always disintegrate into doing-something-for-somebody-else time?   At last you have an hour to yourself!...more

Do Tell: Share Your Guilty Pleasures

Pop culture guilty pleasures. We all have them. We almost never admit them. Come on, you're at BlogHer. In the safe nest. Tell us all your secrets. ...more

I am addicted to Dancing with the Stars. It is THE only reality show I watch not to mention vote ...more

Did You Like the Superbowl Commercials? We Won't Make You Turn in Your Feminist Card.

Amongst the ladies of BlogHer, a bout of semi-secret self-flagellation seems to have broken out in regards to enjoying various commercials that ran during the Super Bowl. Sure, the comments are full of self-confident women standing up for their opinions, explaining why they liked an ad or found it offensive. Behind the scenes, though, e-mails have been flying. For example, Mir at Would Coulda Shoulda gave me permission to share her thoughts: ...more

Thank you. Your post made me remember that I'd intended on Wednesday to post more

"The Millionaire Matchmaker" + the Cynical Feminist = True Love?

Last year, when Bravo debuted The Millionaire Matchmaker, a reality show about a matchmaking service for millionaires, I cringed. (More accurately, I believe that I screamed, "Oh, hell no!" when a commercial for it ran during one of the many America's Next Top Model marathons that I cannot stop myself from watching, even when I've seen them already, but I digress.) I expected a show fixing up horny old men with nubile money-grubbing ladies. Not something my proud, fist-raising feminist self exactly endorses. ...more

I am fascinated by Patti. She reminds me of Mary Kay or other business women who broke down ...more

So It's Not Whole Food: Get Over It

It's a good thing, yes, that so many food bloggers embrace the concept of 'whole foods' -- cooking with unprocessed ingredients, providing inspiration for preparing balanced and healthful meals. But what happens -- and it does -- when a long-time favorite recipe (often one remembered fondly from our childhoods) is less than whole, even less than healthful? We acknowledge it straight-out. We embrace our choice. We get over it. We get on with it. ...more

I'm a lot pickier than I used to be.  I don't consider canned tomatoes or canned beans to be ...more

Top 5 Reasons I Should Not Be Your Child's Godmother

Hey Loves, Here's the scoop. In my outer circle, my friends are popping out babies faster than the Palin family. In my inner circle however, my girls are all deliriously happy indie artist single goddesses unburdened by the darling delight that is motherhood. ...more

guilty pleasure monday: stuck in the middle with you (stealers wheel)

editor's note: every week, i feature a guilty pleasure music selection on my eclectic blog, wrekehavoc: deus ex mama. i'm new around these parts, so i thought i'd share today's entry. play catch up with the rest -- and get ready to roll your eyes mercilessly... or make a request! -- at ...more