I'm With the Band (not really)

As  I’m standing outside last night my husband pulls down the driveway, just returning from work.  He rolls down his window and calls out, “So I’m picking out a bass guitar for you because the new guy at work is an awesome lead guitarist.” Me, “Huh?”  Because obviously I’m missing something here, and obviously my husband is missing the fact that I have no clue on how to play a bass guitar outside of 80′s Guitar Hero and that’s using a Playstation remote, and not the plastic guitar hero guitar because that always seemed way too creepy to me.  Well given some ...more
Oh, heck. Take that band nationwide, baby, nationwide!more

Guitar Hero Booed Off the Stage

Guitar Hero has been strumming klunkers for quite a few financial quarters, and the publisher, Activision, has booed it off the stage. As mentioned in Rolling Stone, the game may live on in mobile or social formats, but not in its current form. ...more

Game On!


The "Pink Plague" and Female Gamers: Should the Industry Pander to Gender Stereotypes?

There's been a lot of buzz in the past few days about the "pink plague," the marketing phenomenon of getting young girls "hooked" on the color pink (and therefore pink toys and clothing). It looks like the pink plague extends to another segment of the market as well--girls who play video games. If slapping pink on Barbie makes her fly out the door, why shouldn't it work to put Lara Croft in some pink pants? Maybe give her a pink gun? ...more

Unfortunately this is not a case of manufacturers following each other.  They have found that ...more

Flying to close to the sun? AKA trying to recapture my youth....

Being in your late thirties, I believe that it is in everyone's nature to want to stretch out ones wings and feel cool again... Following is the story of Icarus Thirtysomething and a night out with her friends... A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to see Morrissey (ex singer from the 80's band The Smiths). I went with my husband's best friend Jack (HUGE fan), and his ex-hipster-ish friend Sam. All of us thirty somethings with spouses and children who lovingly allowed us to break free for an evening of fun. ...more