Nov. 27 Thanksgiving Day, Thanks for Music

Nov. 27 Thanksgiving Day, Thanks for Music On this day of the American Thanksgiving holiday, I am among so many who are thankful for so much – family, friends, the benefits of living in a free country, a plentiful table, and people who are thankful for me as I am thankful for them.  But I wish to be thankful for something specific with today’s writing. That something is music.  Powerful, widely varied music.  Instrumental, vocal, classical, folk, jazz, choral, movie soundtracks, musicals – and so much more....more

Raising Musical Children - Please Send Earplugs

Last week, I looked down at my beeping phone to see a photo of my son holding a guitar. Not Keith's guitar as I had first assumed, but a different guitar, a new guitar .... his own guitar. I can't even describe the noise that escaped from my mouth at that moment; because I'd had two very painful thoughts....more