Tugging on Heartstrings and Feathers: An Up-Close Look at a Wildlife Rehab Center in the Gulf

Heading to the Deep South earlier this month, I braced for an up-close look at the Gulf Oil spill. On the day I arrived, July 2, South Mississippi's excellent Sun-Herald screamed: "OIL ENTERING GULF'S FOOD CHAIN." This was going to be tough. ...more

Now let's collectively cross our fingers that this new cap holds.


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Update on Gulf Coast Wildlife Efforts: How to Clean an Oiled Pelican

While BP has begrudgingly agreed to a restitution account for those affected by the disaster, dolphins and brown pelicans do not -- at last check -- keep bank accounts. Despite heroic efforts, wildlife such as sea birds, dolphins, shrimp, oysters and Bluefin tuna may never be the same. Meanwhile, clean-up crews have reportedly been seen mistakenly trampling pelican nests, the toxic dispersants used to break up the oil have only made it easier for animals to ingest it, and there's been some heated debate among wildlife experts on whether all the cleaning and rehabilitation of wildlife does any good. ...more

Glad to help, even some small way.


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Obama Goes On Oil Spill Warpath; Jindal Says BP Will Be Held Accountable

Yes, the oil spill is an environmental disaster. Yes, it is a crisis that has spread beyond Louisiana's shores, but the phrase that repeatedly pops up when people talk about this problem is "It's a mess." The Associated Press and Dan Froomkin at Huffington Post report that the experts don't even seem to know the flow's source location. ...more

The Gulf Coast Oil Spill: Awaiting Our Fate From The Angry Seas

There were no famous celebrities, nor national news present, nor was a TV telethon planned. Just a gathering of a community who cared to make their voices heard. They were brought together, not through screaming protests, but from the little voice of an 8 year old girl named Porsche Prince, a student at Pensacola Beach Elementary who had a strong desire to make a difference. ...more

I took my 9 yr old to the beach yesterday so he could make some memories, before the oil comes, ...more