Florida & Her Beautiful Beaches

I am a native Floridian, I was born in Rockledge Florida and have been a beach baby all my life. Even when I lived in Texas our family made summer pilgrimages to Galveston. The beach has been a constant in my life until now. I have been robbed of my one true love, the beautiful colorful clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. My favorite thing was snorkeling or diving on the reefs with their flourishing marine life. Everyone has a favorite thing and that was mine....more

Update: Bidding Open for Geeky/Nerdy! Tell the World, Make it Count: The BlogHer/Kirtsy Gulf Auction

The Gulf Auction honoring the Geeky/Nerdy 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year is ready and open for bidding. Click on the images from the slideshow below to view the art curated by Kirtsy, learn more about the artists and bloggers, and get a direct link to the art auction on eBay. Each week, we'll auction the art inspired by a different category, and every dollar will be donated to The Nature Conservancy to help clean up the Gulf of Mexico: ...more

I am searching for the one based on my post, but don't see it....more

Another Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf

Another oil rig has exploded in the Gulf. According to CNN, the oil rig is 80-miles off the coast of Louisiana. As of 11:43 am, all 13 workers were accounted for, though one was injured during the blast. At 11:53, CNN reported that the rig was not currently making product and they are unsure of how that will result in spillage and pollution. ...more

Allegations of BP's Turtle Burning Add Fuel to the Fire

Recent reports that BP is burning oil-soaked sea turtles alive in its ham-handed efforts to control the Gulf spill have added fuel to the fire of outrage against the petroleum giant. And now, two animal conservation groups say they will sue BP and the U.S. Coast Guard to stop the deadly "controlled burns" aimed at removing surface oil. ...more

I know what you mean, the whole thing gives me anger fatigue and all the yoga in the world ...more

Is Gulf Seafood Safe?

For plenty of people in the Lousiana fishing community, the once-plentiful flow of food is now radically in danger. And for plenty of the rest of the us, the question is this: Should we avoid Gulf seafood, or seek it out? ...more

Have you committed to eat Louisiana seafood on December 1st?

What could be better than ...more

Workers Say BP Took Shortcuts before Rig Explosion: A Look at Corporate Character

If you watched CNN last night and the night before, you may have seen Anderson Cooper's interviews with some of the workers who survived the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that BP leased from Transocean in the Gulf of Mexico. You may have been shocked to learn that BP appears to have put saving time and money ahead of saving human lives. I wasn't. ...more

If BP's main priority has been anything other than safety, this is not good. This is not good ...more

Helping to save Gulf Coast Wildlife - Rebecca Dmytryk

This article was originally published on YoLadies.comRebecca Dmytryk has been in the business of saving wildlife from oil spills and other emergencies for a long time. Until doing research on oil spills as a result of this recent tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, I'm aghast at how often this happens - it's not as rare as you'd think. Each time, Rebecca, her husband Duane Titus, and their team are there....more

Thank you! Her wishlist does make it easier to know how to help, and her blog is a great way to ...more

Bloggers Tell Compelling Gulf Oil Spill Stories

Oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico more than one month after an explosion at the Deepwater Horizon rig killed 11 workers and created what's being called the world's biggest environmental disaster. In deep contrast to the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, the Internet is playing an important role in how we are receiving information about what it happening in the Gulf. The world is literally watching the oil by live feed via a Spillcam, and bloggers from the region and bloggers with specific expertise in difference niches are essential resources for understanding what is happening right now in the Gulf.  ...more

This just kills me. We need safe precautions in place. If any country should be capable of ...more

Oh, heck, forget the environment. What about my oysters?

There are those who worry that pesky oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, now dumping 210,000 gallons of oil a day, will be an environmental disaster. There is speculation that the oil will make landfall in the environmentally sensitive and endangered, Louisiana wetlands killing the remaining grasses. Yes, without the protective wetlands in place future hurricanes could make the devastation from Katrina look like a walk in the park. ...more