Nuclear disaster in Japan, oil disaster in the Gulf. What's next?

The nuclear meltdown in Japan and the recent oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico may seem unrelated, but they're not....more

Another Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf

Another oil rig has exploded in the Gulf. According to CNN, the oil rig is 80-miles off the coast of Louisiana. As of 11:43 am, all 13 workers were accounted for, though one was injured during the blast. At 11:53, CNN reported that the rig was not currently making product and they are unsure of how that will result in spillage and pollution. ...more

Citizens Who Have Lost Faith in Government Find Solutions for the Oil Spill in Social Networks

 Nothing says more about citizens' loss of faith in government than a website in Santa Rosa, CA called StoptheGusher, where ordinary cititzens have gathered to share ideas, offer suggestions, and rack their brains about what to do about the Gulf Oil Spill. ...more

Hope for My Inner Activist: Hands Across the Sand Takes on Oil Spill Blues

Last Saturday, I got to go to a celebrity-studded beach party for a few hundred in Santa Monica. That may sound like an exclusive Hollywood industry soiree, but it was actually a grassroots, environmental activist event called Hands Across the Sand -- open to anyone and everyone who came to Santa Monica beach. And actresses Amy Smart and Rosario Dawson just happened to be among the 500 activists who showed up. ...more

Hope you can add your smiling face to the photos at the next big environmental meetup :)


Bloggers on the Gulf Oil Spill: We Said the Night Was Full of Zombies

As an anti-plastics blogger, I should be able to write about the gulf oil spill in my sleep. The connections seem obvious. Plastic comes from oil. Our demand for plastic drives up the demand for oil, as do our demands for all the other products made from oil. I should be able to write about this topic as I would write about anything else related to plastic, things like Bisphenol-A, bottled water, PVC, phthalates, ocean plastic pollution, and yet until now, I couldn’t. ...more

Hi Jen. You're right. We're not going to stop using petroleum altogether, but we do need to ...more

How to Snap Out of Gulf Oil Spill-Induced Depression

I'm an environmental blogger, but I haven't been blogging about the Gulf oil spill. Sure, I linked to a few articles and videos here and there -- mostly to snarky, darkly funny, making-fun-of-BP type things like @BPGlobalPR, the fake BP PR twitter account that sends out hilarious tweets ("In case you missed our latest magic show, we made a fire vortex on the water! Tada!"). But blogging seriously about the oil spill? That I haven't been able to do. ...more

Wait -- I agree about cutting back on using fossil fuels individually, but I hope the post ...more

(VIDEO) Obama on the Gulf Oil Spill and What Everyone Else Says When They Really Want to Ask Whose Ass to Kick

The president said "ass." Let's be glad he didn't use all-too-common talking points straight from the spin doctors who advise middle ground even in the midst of disaster. I don't need any more generic euphemisms for action like these from George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jeb Hensaraling and Jim Cooper. ...more

An interesting post to go through. It also reminded me of the time I took my sister with me ...more