Put Down That Gun

www.Upon-Reflection.com“I’m going to kill you,” my son shouted, pointing a gun at his older brother.The toy was part of the policeman costume the boys had asked me to get. I admit that I didn’t carefully review the contents of the package I was agreeing to buy. My mistake.“Give me that,” I said. “Now.”When they had to give up the gun the kids were devastated, of course. But that’s to be expected. What surprised me, though, was that my husband was on their side....more

Musicals: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Once in a while I get in a serious mood to watch my favorite musicals. There's something about that jolly, technicolor era that you don't find anymore. Some may find them old fashioned but they are actually great fun for any age. ...more

Veterans Day Poetry Friday

Shopping for a Gun or Taser?

There has been an increase of firearm purchases recently in the U.S. Whether this increase is due to the government administration considering the return of restrictions on semi automatic weapons or the increase in crime, Americans are buying ammunition and firearms by the thousands. ...more

A man beats a 16-year-old girl over who was 1st in line

What kind of man would beat a 16-year-old girl, just to get ahead in a fast food line? ...more