All the Things Wrong With a 9-Year-Old Accidentally Killing Her Shooting Instructor

On Monday, a nine-year-old girl accidentally shot her gun instructor as he was teaching her how to handle an Uzi at anArizona gun range and popular tourist attraction called Burgers and Bullets. Image Credit: CNN...more
The instructor is standing to her left, when he should have been directly behind her. While I ...more

Orbiting Zorkon: Gun Violence in Milwaukee

The parts of our city where all the shootings go on has become another planet. We orbit reluctantly, wishing that something sunnier was our gravitational force. Not violence and death and children dying on playgrounds because adults have made each other angry....more

Living in Fear and Gun Violence

Underneath the headlines about gun violence is the issue we're not talking about. Too many people are living in fear. It is fear that leads to the purchase of guns and to the tragic and utterly avoidable deaths of so many Americans. Do you remember Michael Moore's movie "Bowling for Columbine" which explored the fear Americans have of crime? ...more

Reasonable Tolerance vs. Zero Tolerance

Let's start with a simple fact, police are human beings. Human beings have babies which grow into children. Children go to school, human parents drop their children off at school, often on the way to work. Being a Police Officer is work, police wear uniforms, guns are a mandatory part of their uniform. Therefore, the human Police Officer may take a child to school while wearing his uniform, they've been doing it for years....more

Would There Have Been Death Without A Gun?

Would There Have Been Death Without A Gun?...more

Why I'm Glad I'm Not Black

I’m glad I’m not black.Why? One reason: If I were, then my little four-year old son would grow into a black teenage boy someday. Being a black teenage boy in this country has to be a tough gig.For Trayvon Martin, it was fatal....more

Mothers of Dead Children

Mothers are driven to protect their children. It's innate. When the very laws we live by allow our children to die, with bullets buried in the bodies we birthed and love, our hearts explode in rage and pain that transforms us and makes of us something distinctly other than that which we were before. This is a story of the parents of the children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary and how it propelled them into the world of gun control legislation and political action....more

Gun Control is an Illusion

I'm a huge proponent of the 2nd amendment.  Just period.  I think a human being who hasn't broken the law has every right to defend themselves, including with a gun, if necessary.  Again, period. ...more

Guns, Immigration and The Real Problem on The Right

Last week, the right got lucky.Really lucky, as pressure from lobbyists and staunchly conservative home bases for many Republican and a few Democratic senators combined to defeat the President's controversial gun control bill. And now, they find themselves in an even more dangerous position than before; one where it would be all too easy to become complacent, to chalk one superficial win up as an indication of the strength of their overall strategy. ...more
I think you hae some great ideas here. I hope others are listening!  I have shared on my facebook.more

Resilience Rooted in a Senate Fail

It somehow seemed fitting that it was pouring rain in DC this morning. It felt like the tears of the country mourning the painful vote that took place in the Senate yesterday.There is no doubt this week has been rough. I’m one of those people who feels so deeply that I’m sometimes challenged to let go of what I hear on the news. I internalize what happens to others. I empathize to the point of feeling overwhelmed by grief. Over the past few days, I’ve been wrecked by the destructive intentions of a very sick person in Boston....more