How Gun Ownership Empowers Women

[Editor's Note: The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a ban on assault rifles this morning. The 10-8 was split along party lines, and the bill will go to the Senate floor in the upcoming weeks. --Grace]...more
Hey there, Aimee! Here's an interesting concept, taking women into account. ...more

The Art of Compromise and the Gun Control Debate

The other day, I was trying to explain the art of compromise to my daughter. “Government,” I told her, “can’t function without compromise.” Oh right, I thought, bad example, because we aren’t exactly excelling on that front these days. The debate over gun control immediately popped into my head. Because doesn’t it seem like no one is willing to compromise on that front? At all? Ever? On either side? On any part of it?So here goes, my totally irreverent take on what’s going on today…...more

How Many Deaths Before We Enforce Gun Control?

Two months have passed since the Newtown tragedy, and while most of us are able to continue our lives as usual after our initial shock, disbelief and horror, the parents of the 20 children killed that day cannot. The families of the teachers killed that day cannot. The health and law enforcement professionals who arrived on the scene cannot. The community of Newtown cannot....more
Lorraine, great article. I am in agreement with you, guns should only be in the hands of trained ...more

Moms Stand Up Against Gun Violence - Action Week!

Gun violence is the number 2 killer of children between the ages of 2 and 19.Friends, MothersI know the topic of gun control is an extremely volatile issue. I want to make it clear that I am NOT opposed to guns, hunting, or homeowners having guns in their homes....more
It's not too late to join the discussion!more

Chicago, Stop this Killing

"Non-Violence" by Carl Fredrik Reutersward, image by freshwater2006...more

From the Mouths of Babes

Last night I got an email from Vice President Joe Biden, asking for my support over the next four years. OK, so maybe it was a form letter, sent to everyone on the White House's email list, anyone who has ever donated money to the Democratic Party, or signed a petition, or posted "Yes We Can!" on Facebook. But  it was still pretty nice to see "Vice President Joe Biden"  in my inbox. Yeah, I'm so cool that the Vice President of the United States sends me emails. You think he reads my blog?...more

Gun Control Laws: America's Obsession to Master the Chaos

On Wednesday, President Obama unveiled some of the most aggressive, yet rather useless, gun control measures proposed in more than a decade following the fatal shooting spree in Connecticut that left 20 young children and six adults dead....more
@ParentingMiracles Of course. Hard to fit everything into a blog.more

News Squawk!

Well, I'm back again. I should give you fair warning regarding today's blog because I will be discussing Gun Control and Lance Armstrong.Without trying to be politically bias, I would like to comment on  President Obama's new Gun Control Proposal.  Before I start, I must add that I have read the entire 15 page Proposal that was signed today.  With that being said here are my main issues with these proposals (which by the way do not have to be approved by Congress):The President’s plan includes:...more

Obama Talks Debt Ceiling in 'Deadbeat Nation' Speech

In the last press conference of his first term, President Barack Obama this morning seemed to directly appeal to the female electorate, using terms like "deadbeat" to describe what would happen to the country should Congress not rate the debt ceiling. He also addressed concerns about the diversity of his cabinet appointments, touting the number of women he's appointed to high office, and talked gun control one month after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, saying he'd "vigorously pursue" a meaningful assault-weapons ban. ...more
I think it was a strong speech. I hope we can move in these directions and before it becomes ...more

Why I'm not addressing your Facebook gun control posts on Facebook

Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.~George Orwell As I sit here with my daughter talking about her  Novi Stars dolls that she got for Christmas I get struck with a great sadness after some of the things I read this morning on Facebook.I hesitate to call the things I see anything like a ‘gun control debate’ because I believe most people are reacting from emotion, not reason–just as I am....more