What Killed the Little Children

It's 3:45am and I can't sleep. This post will be completely pointless, because either people agree with me and don't need to hear it, or they don't and then they don't care to hear it. So I'll keep it short. I just need to get it out. I want my standpoint on this issue to be known. ...more

It's not too early to start talking about gun control, it's too late

I saw several variations of that headline yesterday in other places. I agree wholeheartedly (and I apologize for any plagiarism I'm committing here -- can't recall where I saw it).The idea is that whenever these massacres like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary happen, people go, "It's too soon to talk about gun control! Give people time to grieve! Don't play politics with a tragedy!"But if we've got a school full of dead children and teachers, maybe it's not too soon to talk about gun control, it's too late....more

via MomsRising:Demand the NRA & Congress Stop Blocking Commonsense Gun Regulations That Protect Us All

Posting on behalf of Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, CEO of MomsRising.org:We are beyond heartbroken as we think of the kindergarteners and others that died today in Connecticut. Today is the 3rd day this week when there's been a mass shooting in our nation.We are parents.  Many NRA members are parents.  And none of us want to live in a nation where children are gunned down.  #Todayistheday for the NRA and for Congress to step up and start proposing laws that protect children and all people....more

Still Undecided In Wisconsin During Troubling Times

I still haven't made up my mind who I am voting for, although, I'm leaning Democrat, as I've been all along. However, I would like to see another issue addressed by both candidates: Guns. And it's not going to happen, is it?Now I know that gun ownership and the right to bear arms is a constitutional right, but I don't think our founding fathers knew that there would be populations as high as ours are now in the cities of this great country and I surely don't think that they knew nut cases could and do own weapons....more
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The Right to Bear Ridiculousness

After the Dark Night Rises shooting spree, gun control reemerged as a talking point.  Of course, I kept hearing conservatives say it “wasn’t the time” to discuss gun control.  Right.  Like September 11th, 2001 was an inappropriate time to discuss national security?  Give me a break....more

A Mass Shooting Survivor Pushes For Gun Control in Wake of Colorado Tragedy

The mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado last Friday hit especially close to home for me. In 1999, I was shot when an armed gunman walked into a Jewish Community Center day camp near Los Angeles California. There were five of us wounded and one who was killed. At the time, this was considered a mass shooting. It is crazy that now this is looked at as a small amount of victims....more
Disarming the good guys will never stop the bad guys, it just makes it easier for the bad guys ...more

A Day Too Soon

As part of a wonderful blog hop of prompts I answered the question yesterday: If you were president or prime minister for a day, what's one law you would change?   My orginal post unedited is below, when I woke up this morning with news of largest shooting in US history I thought about how important what I wrote is and I really hope my kids follow my advice.    ...more
Agh! My bestest new friend from BlogHer '12! I SO appreciate you Tweeting and coming to visit. ...more

Guns Do More Harm Than Good

An 18 year-old mother shot and killed a home invader, a man whom she thought had been stalking her, in an act of self defense. There had been two men, but the other turned himself in. I absolutely support this woman's decision to do what she needed to do to protect herself and her baby. Hey, if I were home with an infant and had two men, one holding a knife, break in to my house, I would probably shoot, too. Even I didn't have a baby with me, I would probably shoot. I would prefer to wound him in the leg rather than kill him, but you can't really blame this girl for not doing that. ...more