Guns Do More Harm Than Good

An 18 year-old mother shot and killed a home invader, a man whom she thought had been stalking her, in an act of self defense. There had been two men, but the other turned himself in. I absolutely support this woman's decision to do what she needed to do to protect herself and her baby. Hey, if I were home with an infant and had two men, one holding a knife, break in to my house, I would probably shoot, too. Even I didn't have a baby with me, I would probably shoot. I would prefer to wound him in the leg rather than kill him, but you can't really blame this girl for not doing that. ...more

You Can Bring a Gun into a Restaurant in 49 States

image via the Chattanooga PulseThis weekend, Ohio became the latest state to open its bar and restaurant doors to gun-toting customers....more

Me and a Gun

Whenever there’s a newsworthy shooting somewhere in this country - most recently, the one in Tucson earlier this year - the debate about guns gets revived. America is a nation born from war; it wouldn’t have come into existence without firearms. Our Constitution’s Second Amendment was meant to ensure our right to bear arms in defense of ourselves, our families, and our country. However, all too often, they’re used for purposes pretty much unrelated to that right, and activities that, being against the law, are unprotected by the Constitution. ...more

...for the fact that my position on this has become more nuanced than it used to be! We've had ...more

The Right to Bear Arms in Your Home: McDonald v. City of Chicago

Boys and Weapons My Darling Boys seem to turn everyth...more

Bader Ginsburg Returns to High Court; Pens Decision Expanding Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

Returning to the US Supreme Court after treatment for pancreatic cancer, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg authored a 7-2 majority decision upholding a federal law prohibiting gun ownership by people with domestic violence convictions. (You can read the opinion, along with the dissent authored by Chief Justice Roberts. ...more

This is an important decision and undoubtedly will prevent some violence in the future -- I ...more

Sean Taylor and the State of the American Dream

Like millions of other Americans, the murder of Washington Redskins standout Sean Taylor has had me near tears most of the week. The violent, senseless death of 24-year-old star safety in his home Monday night has been like a Rorschach Test of the American racial psyche. ...more

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Columbine Copycat and YouTube Videos

The Pennsylvania teenager arrested last night for plotting a Columbine-style attack on Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School in Plymouth Meeting, PA had started the “Imperial Cobra Army,” in which he fantasized that he could recruit children as young as 10 to commit violent acts. Read more about Shadow and watch his disturbing videos at ...more