Witch Notes, 11/21/15: Gunshots and Face Cream #NaBloPoMo Day 21

The week began with gunshots and ended with face cream. I know, but I promise, I’ll get from one to the other. The poster child for the NRA lives next door to me. I made my husband walk down the fence to see if there were any holes. We heard voices and there were flashlights. Fortunately, no holes in the fence. ...more

Open Carry and Florida Family Vacations? No, Thank You

The Sunshine State may soon be far less family friendly. Florida state lawmakers are considering giving gun owners with concealed carry permits the right to openly carry their firearms in public places, even allowing them to hold their guns in their hands as they walk around....more
Agreed. I'd rather know someone is carrying than not know. And from what I read, they're ...more

Don't Let the NRA Choose Our U.S. Surgeon General

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard about the Surgeon General controversy on the news. Emboldened by its influence on Capitol Hill, the NRA is now flexing its muscles and actively working to derail Dr....more
We will never block the NRA. They are too powerful. And they have too much money. BUT I THINK ...more

What Back-to-School in Newtown, Connecticut Feels Like

Yesterday was the first day of school, and I so remember last year, when I teased my teenagers and mockingly made a video of them heading off to that first milestone day. The most wonderful day of the year for so many working parents! This year is different. ...more
My heart ached the day I heard about the shooting at Newtown. I remember walking on my treadmill ...more

Heed Warning Signs of Future Violent Behavior

Against a landscape of mounting gun violence, our nation is finally willing to look at the issue of gun safety in a comprehensive manner....more

The List: Countering Tragedy with Information

Birthday WishesFor our family, this week was a week of celebrating Darling 1's 5th Birthday; having fun with family in Texas and cross-c...more