Why I Don't Think Guns Kill People

Last week, tragedy struck Santa Barbara County as a deranged young man named Elliot Rodger went on a shooting spree, leaving six innocent people dead and 13 others wounded. Again, many are asking why. Again, many are shocked, stunned and left with unanswered questions. ...more
My sole purpose is to just express my personal opinions as someone whose spends a lot of her ...more

Guns in Starbucks and Other Fun Facts

porcelain pistol by Yvonne Lee Schultz ...more

I hear voices (part 2)

The conversation about gun control continued as follows. Please note -  I believe that Voice#1 (in bold) is a parent (frustrated and exasperated and slightly sleep deprived) and Voice #2 (in italics) is a teenager (frustrating and exasperating and the source of the sleep deprivation). You can always read   “So what do YOU think about the right to bear arms?” “It depends.” “On what?” “Is it summer?” “WHAT?...more

Fun Facts About Guns in Bars and Restaurants

porcelain pistol by Yvonne Lee Schultz ...more

Judgement and Safety

The girls and I made a trip to the library today, where our overdue books meant a pretty penalty if we didn't return them soon.At the entrance (just inside the sliding glass doors), S & G carefully placed each book (one by one) into the return receptacle. It's a ritual that they began when they were barely two.Walking toward us was a man (a kid, really) who made me nervous; scared me, though I couldn't put my finger on the reason why. I watched him, prepared to make eye contact, even, but he made no effort and kept on without any notice of me....more

Put Your Money Where Your Meme Is: Support Dick's Sporting Goods

(crossposted from Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents)Imagine if each person who has posted something about gun control in the past 6 days were to make one purchase – large or small – from Dick’s Sporting Goods? As you may know, Dick’s has suspended the sale of certain semiautomatic weapons in all of its stores and pulled all guns from the store closest to Newtown, CT....more