Dear Seal Beach: Lessons From Littleton

[Editor’s Note: On October 12, a man walked into the Salon Meritage in Seal Beach, California and killed eight people. It is Orange County's worst mass killing.] Image: Rose Palmisano/The Orange County Register via ZUMA Press. Dear Seal Beach,...more
Could not have been written better - so glad it was written & shared.more

Guns, Pink Handcuffs, and Alcohol

When I went to the police academy, my first firearm was a .40 caliber Glock 35. It has an extended barrel and it’s a competition shooter’s weapon of choice.In the beginning we had a love hate relationship. It was the first firearm I had ever shot and building a good partnership took time. The men in my department all give their rifles and shotguns female names. I was the first to name my sidearm and he was christened after Dirty Harry....more
You have me laughing out loud. Stressful jobs call for desperate measures! Buying larger glasses ...more

Do Your Kids Play With Guns?

Why are we always one season or holiday ahead of ourselves? I can barely find a summery dress when all the stores are displaying sweaters, jackets and boots. I'm far from ready to look at the Back to School displays, although my daughter will be devastated if I don't buy the Hello Kitty backpack she is insisting for Preschool. Then in yesterday's mail arrived the coveted first of the Halloween catalogs. I always envisioned myself making my kids' costumes by hand, as my mom did for me. It is a sad reality that not one kid in the my son's class last October wore a handmade costume....more

When Blinding Hatred Meets Firearms : The Oslo Tragedy

On an ordinary summer day in Norway, a man detonated a bomb in downtown Oslo. The target was a government building which housed the office of the Prime Minister. Afterward, the perpetrator traveled the island of Utoya, where a summer camp was being conducted by the youth division of the Labour Party. Dressed as a police officer, he lured and systematically gunned down more than 75 people, most of them youth. He chased others who sought to escape by water. By Saturday morning, the Telegraph was showing bodies littered on the embankment. Stomachs exposed, shirts bloodied, limbs askew....more

The List: Countering Tragedy with Information

Birthday WishesFor our family, this week was a week of celebrating Darling 1's 5th Birthday; having fun with family in Texas and cross-c...more

Boortz Calls for Violence on the Same Day Giffords Leaves Hospital and Arivaca Family Murder Trial Continues

I don't do a lot of cross-posting on my blogs, but today I have to.  I have tried to write an entry several times today.  Several situations are swirling around in my brain space,  and they all involve violence and public complicity in that violence. ...more

Would you like a Gun or Pizza with your purchase? Semiautomatic Marketing

Ever since I've owned and ran my own specialty boutique years ago I've cherished this important lesson: You've got to discover who "your people" are and speak to them! ...more

Giffords Tragedy: What’s the Message to Young Women?

When an angry young man aimed his semiautomatic handgun at Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in a Tucson Safeway store on Saturday, he didn’t just critically wound her and kill or wound 19 others....more

Angry thoughts about guns

Guns don't kill people - people kill people. If there's any more tired and trite statement than that, I don't know what it is. Certainly, if a person is determined to kill, they will do it no matter what weapon they may have at hand. But can't gun activists understand that a gun makes it a heck of a lot easier for that person to kill many people at one time, very efficiently and with great ease? Imagine Tucson, AZ yesterday if there had been no gun in the story. How many people would have been killed or injured by some other weapon before the killer was subdued? ...more

Thank you for your thoughtful comments - it's good to know I'm not alone in my concerns. I can ...more

Sarah and Kate go camping...sort of.

Last night on Sarah Palin's reality show, she and her family went camping with Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids. I knew it would be a disaster, hence the reason I watched it. I just didn't realize that I would come out of it with some respect for Sarah Palin, and even more disdain for Kate Gosselin....more