who cares

Back in college, keegan and i hung out alot until she left. I had decided to forgive her for her friend violation. We had talked it out and at the end of it all we both were manless. We adopted the same mind set. We thought, why is ok for me to have casual sex, why does society care who I share myself with. I mean, really, who cares what I do with my vagina, when it gets pounded it's not hurting you lol  ...more

"that night"

I go over the details of that night all the time. Did I bring it on myself? Who really is to blame when an assault occurs in situations like mine? Both of us had been drinking......more

I should've known

Thinking back to the ride home after he cheated on his girlfriend with me,  I don't know how I didn't realize it. What man cheats on a woman he loves, with an ex, who he can't let go of?  My mother and sister were astounded how I waved off all the red flags. After two years we finally had sex. I slept with other people as well. I lied about how many to, let's name him 'Woo'.  I was the second person he slept with, ever. I shared my body. No man wanted my heart. ...more

Love Recipes

You go to a search engine and type the question. How to make a girl/guy fall in love with you? Is 73.000.00 answers enough to find out what love is? Why should we need a recipe to capture someone?...more

Dealing with Porn - His

What is it about the sight of your man ogling T & A spread naked in a magazine that makes you crazy? Why is it your boyfriend drooling over an air-brushed centerfold shatters your self esteem?...more


I went to NYC this weekend for a wedding. For the first time in three years I flew by myself. Now as any parent knows when you travel with a kid, you’re getting the middle seat, like it or not. At least when you sit by the window you can lean against the wall and sleep. If you sit in the aisle, well, pee as often as you like cause it's not like you're bothering anybody, but the middle, by the time you get off the plane you’re not only exhausted from not sleeping but from watching your fluid intake. Not that you really have a choice. ...more

General dating rules

Guys, if you don't like this, tough - look away now. ...more