To the Guy I'm Dating - Part One

The other day a male friend of mine asked me point blank " What do you have to offer in a relationship?"  Dang, I though.  That's rude.... What kind of question is that? Don't you know me and know what I'd bring to the table?  But after we talked a while, and I stopped being offended,  I realized that this question is so fitting.  As a divorced, 32-year old woman I want, no, need to enter relationships with confidence and a realistic view of what I'm working with, so to speak....more

Working Wardrobes: It's a Guy Thing

  Men in the workplace are rebuilding their business wardrobes, from head to toe. Neckwear. Eyewear. Footwear. Plus jackets and pants.  As You Know--Bow ties have close ties to the past. Your grandfather wore one. When asked if men's bow ties are cool, fewer than 20% said yes a few years ago. Asked in 2013, the yes response skyrocketed and now hovers around 100%, according to several surveys.  ...more

My type of hotties

Okay, we all know that Alexander Skarsgard and Rob Pattinson are pretty hot, but I have a thing for more slightly average looking, scruffy, seemingly smart and funny nerds? I don't know. They are hot to me. But that description sounds like my husband so I suppose I married the right kinda guy.Click here to read full post!...more

Video Game Madness and The Bad Mommy

whitney houston

Blog DirectoryGuys i thought of when i heard these hit singles....1985"How Will I Know"(6 yrs) BRICE. His aunt Terry had big buck teeth and worked for my mom. We sat by a man-made lake, fed ducks, and sucked on raspberry candy from La Vie tart tins. We kept in touch via our mom/aunts.1986 "The Greatest Love of All"...more

buffalo projects

Blog Directorystoneybrook came out tonight to see dave l. read with me at the artichoke haircut reading cause i didn't want to go alone. i didn't even look for dave until he got up to read and then i told stoneybrook that he owed me a beer because i needed that help some. i can't look at dave l. because he's a good out-loud reader and i'll just think of when we watched touch of evil and read h.s. thompson's: TO WJZ-TV13. dave is cool because he knows more than two of me know about songs....more

My Reading List:

Blog DirectoryI got back after my cats threw up all over each other on the plane and after I tipped the shuttle driver two bucks on the way back to my car after he asked if I had plans for New Year's Eve because he got off work at 2. I ate a lot of cheese while watching cute guys come in with their girlfriends to Jaimie's roommate's place on the 28th floor in the Vue and I watched one really cute one in the reflection of the window over the harbor while pretending to study a white christmas tree....more

Korean BBQ

Blog DirectoryHooked up with All-Over-the-Place even though I pretty much resigned myself from never talking to him again. I was at the Club Charles, again, and this time I was sitting next to Frank who saw me singing along to Bruce Springstein's Christmas songs in my seat while I pretended to read the paper....more

How to Survive an Awkward Situation

Although I have been blessed with many amazing qualities for which I am eternally grateful for, I have also been cursed with a few not-so-pleasant ones.  The good ones usually outweigh the bad ones, and I guess I appreciate that the universe has to somehow keep balance in the world. I just cant help but wish sometimes that I could trade qualities out, especially while making a first impression or on a first date....more