Gwen Stefani & red lipstick therapy

I know, it sounds silly. But it works! Well, at least it does for me.I was, and am still, in a fashion rut. I just feel lazy when it comes to getting dressed, doing the laundry, styling my hair, etc. I want to blame the winter but it started before the deep freeze settled over us....more

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Baby Solid Perfume: More Adorable Packaging

The packaging for Harajuku Lovers Fragrance, Baby, stopped me in my tracks at Sephora. It was just too cute! My justification was that it would be easy to carry when I travel for business. I thought it was another adorable cosmetics product from Asia, but it's origins were unexpected! ...more

What was your first job?

What was your first job and what did it teach you?The first job we have is such a profound marker in life, a coming of age moment. The cutting of the chord, as it were, from our parents and a real indicator life is about to be very different. I have had many conversations with people about their first job and by virtue of being a career counselor/coach I have also been present at an individuals first leap into the world of work. What always intrigues me is how we get started and how we progress from those humble beginnings....more

Passion and authenticity, two of the most important things to add in life and ...more

Unexpectedly Hot - Turtlenecks

Just to be clear, I mean hot as in, you know, hawt, but of course turtlenecks are also hot as in temperature, which is what makes them so perfect. It's totally possible to be all cozy and covered-up and turn heads at the same time. ...more