Top 3 Favorite Upper Back Workouts (okay, 4) | Fit Friday

Alright, alright, yes. I picked 4. It's strange because I was able to narrow down my favorite glute workouts to only three and that's my favorite muscle to work out! But for upper back, I decided that I just couldn't leave any of these four out!I have recently found two new upper back workouts that are now essential to me, so that's exciting (at least to a fitness addict it is exciting, you get it right?) and have two others that have been my go-to's for a while now....more

How My Son Got Me to Work Out at the Crack of Dawn

Editor's note: Working out on a regular (or even semi-reg) basis is kind of like taking part in NaBloPoMo. You have to show up and do the work every day, no excuses. This post was originally published on November 17. --Nicole ...more
What a wonderful and positive story. My wife is a runner and is going through hip issues. I will ...more

3 Ways to Make the Gym More Enjoyable - Tomorrow!

 People always say that getting to the gym is the hardest part of getting in shape. I get it. Our lives are FULL of errands, housework, laundry, shuttling kids, IEPs, volunteering, Judge Judy, Dr. Phil – I get it!...more

Ladies, You’re Doing it Wrong: Why a better butt starts with heavier weights

Ask any woman brave enough to step into the gym what she’d like to improve and I’d bet dollars to donuts that 9 out of 9 of them would tell you they want a better butt and thighs. I know I do! Then, sit back and watch them workout. You know why they’ll never get a better butt and thighs? They don’t lift heavy enough!!Here’s why –...more

Gym Bag Essentials

 Working out has been a part of my life for years. I've had gym bags in all sizes- from over-sized duffle bags to random items shoved into a plastic shopping bag. I've encountered many types of locker sizes and gyms. Here's are my gym bag essentials:...more

5 Great Non-Exercise Reasons to Hit the Gym

I didn't go to the gym at all last week. There, the statement is out there. Judge away. Before last week, I was going at least three to four times per week, even if I was only able to get in thirty minutes at a time. The much-complained about stomach flu of last week stopped all of that momentum in its tracks. Now that I'm feeling slightly more like myself, I need to get back on the wagon, so to speak. I decided to list all of the wonderful reasons I have for going to the gym. And not one of them has a darn thing to do with actual fitness. Are you ready? ...more

Find Your Workout Match With These 8 Workouts

You cannot do the same thing for twelve years, let alone a lifetime, and stay motivated or challenge your body. Plus life happens and different life seasons have not allowed me the same time and flexibility in fitting in certain workouts. Here are 8 workouts that... work. ...more
Ashley, these are all fantastic options! And I loved how you mentioned Groupon. That is such a ...more

Workout Wednesday: My Favorite Gym Toys.

Every gym you walk into will have the same basic line up of machines and equipment–standard weight machines, free weights, barbell benches, pull up bars, and the never-ending land of cardio equipment. I think each machine and piece of gym equipment has its benefit, but getting stuck in the same, boring machine circuit can be redundant and cause a halt to any fitness and health goals you may be working towards. Yes it is a great place to start, but it is also crucial to add variety to workouts....more

Friday FitLife Tip: Always Ready for a Workout.

My extra running shoes and my running buddy....more