Rock Climbing Granny

Not me  -- yet! I started rock climbing when I was 43. Yes. Started. 43.  It all began with gymnastics.  I had been a competitive gymnast in high school and college, first becoming interested when I saw Olga Korbut in the Munich Olympics. But I didn’t start training until after the Montreal Olympics, when Nadia Comaneci had a big influence on my sister, who also became a gymnast. ...more

Building Gym Class Community

“Where the HELL have you been, girl?!” The amplified voice booms over loudspeakers. All eyes, it seems, turn on me.I wave and smile....more

NYC Gyms and Blowout Bars That Are Ridiculous​ly Close Together

It is so fabulous when gym and blowout chains are located near each other. What could be better than a post-workout blow-dry? Your hair needs to stay in great shape, too. Here’s a list of some that are especially close together, as well as centrally located, for all your exercising and beautifying needs. The convenience will blow you away!...more

Gym Update #6

I fully intended to go to the gym thus week. Apparently, I once again had write lofty goals. I mean, we were fully ensconced in making these beautiful cloth diapers for a friend of mine, along with all my regular activities (taking care of Baby Boy, blogging, choking, etc.). Somehow I figured I'd be able to fly through the sewing of these diapers....more

Do You Exercise?

About two years ago it seemed like EVERYONE I knew went to the gym, ran, biked or all of the above…..REGULARLY!  It made me feel so lazy.  I feel awkward at the gym.  I feel like everyone is judging what I can and cannot do and how I look while doing it.  I know in reality no one cares, it’s my lack of self confidence....more

Spend Less Time In The Gym, Not More

Using weights is not just a way to look better, but it is the only way to shape your body. People rarely challenge themselves when they work with weights. They lift the same amount of weights for the same number of reps year upon year and wonder why they are not seeing any progress. Their bodies may make minor changes in the beginning, but in time they will reach a plateau. In time, many people stop working out all together out of boredom....more

The picture that horrified me into finally going to the gym

 What a pound looks like......more

Oh That Girl At The Gym

You know the know the one I'm talking about. You are at the gym, minding your own business and she walks in with some skin-tight, super thin pants, a bright colored sports bra, and a sleeveless shirt tied up 'just so'. She doesn't walk across the free weights area, she sort of glides....more

When your resolutions mess with mine...

Confessions of a gym regular:I knew today would reveal the number of resolutions made nearly a week ago, because today is the first "real" work day of the New Year. Especially in this, a college town, students of all ages -- and their teachers and staff -- return to classes, but only after they and the rest of the city's workforce make good on their resolutions by hitting the gym first. Or so it seems....more


Ever have one of those days when you’re just too sluggish to go to the gym, but that little voice inside your head keeps telling you that you need to go? Well, on those days, just go anyway.  Lie on an exercise mat, do some stretches, listen to your favorite music, and just take about an hour to yourself to relax and chill out....more