Top Eight Foods you Must Definitely Avoid While on the GM Diet Plan

Are you following the GM Diet plan? We guess then you are acquainted with the fact that it is predominantly a diet full of veggies and fruits. That’s right! Except for day 1 and what we call the banana and milk day, all we get to do for the rest of the days is eat veggies! Be it in your wonder soup or in any another way you are consuming it, to curb those incessant hunger pangs, you should definitely fill the majority of your platter with the healthy veggies....more

I think I hate the gym!

About 6 years ago I first went to the gym with a friend of mine.  She introduced me to a world of sweaty treadmill fans and heavy lifting bodybuilders. I never been that motivated in sporty activities or being overly fit, but I wanted to loose weight....more

Moms That Just Don't "Get It!"

Hey Y'all.So, in an attempt to take up less wall space inside Atlanta Mom's Club with my own personal rants and raves, I decided to start a blog.  If you are an Atlanta momma and need an awesome tribe of down to earth, ACTUALLY helpful momma friends, go to facebook and apply to join here: https: // ...more

8 Types of New Gym

Gone are the days when you wanted to get fit and all that was on offer was the boring bog standard gym. Today we have a wide range of different gyms to suit everyone’s needs. Ten years ago we just had the traditional gym, and of course, these gyms are great for certain groups of people. However, over the last ten years there has been an explosion of gyms which can offer people something different. This has encouraged people who wouldn’t traditionally exercise in the gym to start exercising, which has been really amazing to witness....more

Pinrose Petal Packs Perfume Giveaway

I'm not one to usually wear perfume. I have allergies, and I'm super sensitive to smells. So usually I just bypass perfume. But when I heard about Pinrose, I was intrigued. Being someone who is constantly in motion, and I know that many of you are the same way, I found this product to be very useful.  I'm talking about Pinrose, and their fragrances are in petal packs. They are perfect on-the-go packs....more

Gym Update - 2014 #1

Honestly, I have to tell you. I haven't been regular at the gym, any gym, in over 2 years. Initially, there was a bit of distance/time issue. Then there was a pregnancy/work excuse. After that, I don't know. Either way, I'm here to say that I'm back at the gym.I told myself that I wasn't going to just have another gym membership on paper. I'll never feel quite right about myself and my body again if I don't get back to it. Now, this isn't to say that I'll be happy with my body, just that I can (hopefully) gain more acceptance of it....more

8 People I Love To Hate At The Gym

I'm a sucker for those late-night weight-loss infomercials, and as a result own a library of workout DVDs and a machine that transforms into a torturous, in-home gym. At first, I enjoyed exercising on my own schedule in the privacy of my home. I wore my ratty Lycra shorts from the late 1980s and didn't care if I looked like a Richard Simmons reject....more
I laughed my butt off. I read it to my friend, and she was laughing too. Thanks for sharing the ...more

Make your workout playlist the coolest one in the gym

Ready to take back control of how you eat + feel + live? Now’s the time.Eat Well. Party Hard. will help you make it happen.And now, on to your regularly-scheduled post!***...more

Lift Heavy, Get Hot

PROBLEM: Women come up to me and they tell me that they don’t lift weights…or, lift heavy weights, because after awhile they’ll start to bulk up and look like a bodybuilder with the veins and too much muscle. They tell me that they want a lean, muscular and feminine physique. They want muscle definition, and lifting weights will build too much.Absolutely. 100%. False.SOLUTION: Get over it, and lift heavy weights. Understand that lifting weights gives you defined arms, a sexy butt and developed thighs. It gives you that goal physique. So do it....more

A "Me Day"

Good Morning Bloggies Saturday Morning “ahhhhh” stretch, yawn, and stay put in that bed for a little while! Isn’t that the best? When you know you don’t have to jump right out of bed? Usually for me though, I have to. Phoebe jumps on my chest which is my clue meaning “mama I have to go potty”....more